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Growing up in the southern outdoors as a kid, Ryan took fishing trips on a regular basis. He fished just about anywhere he could wet a line. Be it fishing mudcats on the Savannah River or brown trout in the Appalachian mountains, he was always planning his next fishing trip.

The Biggest Crappie Ever Caught – Part Two

To continue our series that covers the biggest crappie ever caught we will take a look at the seventh biggest crappie through the fifth biggest and they are some doozies. Seven through five are a combination of black and white crappie have been caught it complete opposite sides of the United States. If you are [...]

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The Biggest Crappie Ever Caught – Part One

Welcome to our four part series covering the biggest crappie ever caught. We all know black and white crappie does not always grow as big as some large and smallmouth bass. A few of these monster black and white crappie will sure shock you with how big they were when they were caught. A few [...]

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Gifts for Deer Hunters This Christmas

With the holiday season fast approaching, it can be a difficult task to think of gift ideas for deer hunters in your friends and family circle. Many hunters have specific preferences when it comes to their gear and other hunting items, so it’s often best to think outside the box—literally. Sometimes, the best gift ideas [...]

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Biggest Channel Catfish Ever Caught in the South

Among the most popular fish species sought in the United States, channel catfish are one that can be found in nearly every corner of the country. In most states, the species ranked second only to largemouth bass as the most sought after fish. Channel cats are some of the most commonly stocked species in lakes [...]

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Alligator Hunting Trips – How To Plan For Success

One of the most mysterious game animal in the United States is the alligator. Found only in the areas around the Deep South and Gulf Coast states, alligator hunting trips are quickly becoming one of the most popular hunts for those looking for a totally new experience. One group of outdoorsmen recently completed their first-ever [...]

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Biggest Bass Ever Caught in the Midwest

Many anglers think of the Deep South when giant bass are mentioned, but the Midwestern region is home to some impressive lunker records. From Ohio to North Dakota, the largemouth bass species thrives in the Midwest’s lakes, rivers and other waterways. The colder weather shortens the bass’ growing seasons each year, but the Midwest region [...]

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Biggest Blue Catfish Ever Caught in the Southeast

Freshwater fishing doesn’t quite offer the thrill of landing the impressive monster fish that are targeted in saltwater sportfishing. There is one freshwater species found in the United States that rivals any other in sheer size—blue catfish. Anglers who target giant blue catfish will prepare to catch their prey with equally large-scale tackle. For those [...]

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8 Tips for Catching Monster Catfish

When it comes to catching monster catfish, anglers must get serious with every detail of their approach. From planning catfishing trips to the areas that hold some of the biggest catfish ever caught to assembling the right kind of tackle, every aspect of fishing for monster catfish is important. Big cats are known to break [...]

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The Best States to Catch Monster Catfish

Catfish are one of the most popular freshwater game fish in the United States. Anglers target the “big three” species of catfish, blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish, in states all across the country. Among the different regions in the country, states in the midwest and southern regions seem to have most of the [...]

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Biggest Flathead Catfish Ever Caught in the South

Anglers who are serious about catching giant catfish have their skills honed to an art when it comes to tactics and locations where they seek these monsters. Of the “Big Three” species of catfish, the flathead catfish differ greatly in their habits and hunting methods. Unlike channel catfish or blue catfish who are known to [...]

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