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Ryan Rawls is the co-founder and marketing director of The Outdoor Trip. If you can't find him on in the field, he's usually at the lake. As a Georgia native, Ryan grew up in the outdoors. His favorite species to fish is rainbow trout, typically somewhere in Nantahala or Cherokee National Forest."Most good days on this earth are spent outdoors."

Top 5 States to Take Your Next Largemouth Bass Fishing Trip

Being one of the most common fish in the entire United States, it is not hard to throw your line in the water and reel in a largemouth bass. You can catch largemouth bass just about anywhere. However, the success of your next largemouth bass fishing trip depends greatly on location. To help ensure the [...]

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Top 5 Rivers for Trophy Catfishing Trips

Catfish are one of the most common fish and many avid catfish fishermen will go to any lengths to find “The Big One.”  Trophy catfishing is one of the fastest growing form of fishing in the United States.  Trophy catfishing not only brings a unique experience but it also loads of fun. It is comparable [...]

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Top 10 Best States for Hog Hunting Trips

The feral hog population in the United States has continued to rise dramatically in recent decades. These invasive brutes are thought to have first been introduced in Florida by Spanish explorers in the 1500s. Since then, their numbers have grown and show no sign of decreasing. Scientists estimate that there are roughly 6 million of [...]

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Top 5 States For Walleye Fishing Trips

Being one of the most popular fish to eat, walleye send the most avid fisherman searching for a great walleye fishing trip location. There are many states to take a walleye fishing trip. The best being Michigan. Following is Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Ohio. We will help you plan your next walleye fishing trip [...]

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Top 10 States for Trout Fishing Trips

After running, fishing is the number one activity for US outdoor enthusiasts. About 47 million people enjoy this sport every year. Of that group, many are targeting fly fishing trips this year. Fly fishing is one of the fastest growing of all the different types of fishing. More than 400,000 people tried out fly fishing [...]

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10 Tips for A Successful Whitetail Deer Hunting Trip

Because of climate, migration, and mating changes, we're on the cusp of record whitetail deer sizes and numbers. Whitetail deer hunting has yielded several 300-inch bucks in the last couple of years. We seem to be seeing records broken every year. Whether you hunt for sport or for food, a whitetail deer hunting trip is a great [...]

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Top 5 Rivers for Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trips

As avid smallmouth bass fishermen, we are all trying to catch the trophy smallmouth bass that live deep inside of the rivers and lakes we fish. The top five rivers that could hold your trophy smallmouth bass are New River, Detroit River, St. Lawrence River, Snake River, and Columbia River. We are going to help [...]

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The Top 5 States for the Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Trip

Did you know that eating pheasant can be a great addition to your diet? Not only are they a healthy choice of meat, but they happen to be delicious. No wonder hunting enthusiasts all over America love hunting these birds. These beautiful birds tend to hang out in some states more than others, though, and [...]

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