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Growing up in the southern outdoors as a kid, Ryan took fishing trips on a regular basis. He fished just about anywhere he could wet a line. Be it fishing mudcats on the Savannah River or brown trout in the Appalachian mountains, he was always planning his next fishing trip.

Top Trout Fishing Trips in the South

When you’re stuck at the office dreaming about trout fishing, certain images come to mind: freestone rivers, snowcapped mountains, golden aspen leaves falling to the ground. In the distance, bull-elk fight over mates. Maybe a dreadlocked hippie lies by the river smoking a particularly pungent plant. You’re thinking of the Wild West, the Rocky Mountains, [...]

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Hog Hunting Tips For Beginners

Wild hogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular game animals in the United States. Occupying more than half the states in America, feral hogs are doing increasing amounts of damaged when left unchecked. For this reason, many states have lifted almost every restriction on hog hunting in an effort to help curb their [...]

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5 Reasons Texas is the Hog Hunting Capital of the World

The Lone Star State is different than anywhere else in America for many different reasons. Folks from Texas take great pride in the fact that the state differs from others in the country and its unique nature is what gives Texas its own personality among other parts of the United States. Hog hunting is no [...]

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Top Helicopter Hog Hunting Guides in Texas

Texas is a virtual mecca for hog hunting as the state is one of the most densely-populated with wild boar while also having very little restriction on hunting methods. Helicopter hog hunting in Texas was legalized in recent years and hog control efforts have since shifted upward in the Lone Star State. The move was [...]

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How Hog Hunting Guides Can Improve Their Service

As feral hogs continue to stake their claim to much of southern portion of the United States, there is great opportunity for a skilled hunter to offer their services as a hog hunting guide. In many states throughout the country, there are few limitations regarding hog hunting and it is quickly becoming one of the [...]

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Top 5 Hog Hunting Guides in Georgia

The Peach State is among the best of the best for wild boar hunting. While hog hunters consider Georgia to feature prime habitat and seemingly endless numbers of pigs, farmers view the feral hog invasion of the state as nothing more than absolute devastation. An economic study recently concluded that feral hogs account for at [...]

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Top 5 Duck Hunting Guides in Louisiana

November in Louisiana is a magical time for waterfowl hunters as the marshlands of the Bayou State are alive with millions of different species of ducks. Louisiana is arguably the best state in the country for duck hunting and there are plenty of outdoorsmen and women who will attest to that statement. Situated on one [...]

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Booking a Hog Hunting Trip – Tips for Success

Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite big game animals. With the spread of feral hogs all over the United States, the numbers of these animals is increasing each year with no signs of slowing. Hunters can target hogs day or night in many states and can hunt in almost every landscape America [...]

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The Biggest Crappie Ever Caught – Part Two

To continue our series that covers the biggest crappie ever caught we will take a look at the seventh biggest crappie through the fifth biggest and they are some doozies. Seven through five are a combination of black and white crappie have been caught it complete opposite sides of the United States. If you are [...]

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