How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

From supporting naturalist activities to hunting and target shooting, spotting scope is a piece of essential equipment in the list of gears of any specialized marksmen or nature enthusiast. It has been quite effective in serving a variety of purposes and activities such as bird-watching, tactical ranging, nature and scene observation, digiscoping, target shooting, among [...]

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Mistakes Hunters Make Every Year During The Rut

The rut is the Olympics of deer hunting. Bucks usually behave like ghosts because you would rarely see one, which makes chances of bagging one close to zero. The rut is the only season you can quickly bring deer meat home. Therefore, you should do your best not to make the annual breeding season a [...]

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Top 12 Catfishing Guides For Your Next Catfishing Trip

Photo Courtesy of Blue Cat Guide Service Blue Cat Guide Service Located in the heart of catfish country, Blue Cat Guide Service is known as one of the best catfishing guides in the country. Owner, and US Coast Guard-licensed Captain Bob Crosby fishes the Mississippi River’s deep holes, deep channels, ledges and drop-offs for big [...]

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