Top 5 Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Guides

The Rio Grande Turkey joins the Eastern, Osecola, and Merriam’s as the 4th species of wild turkey in the United States. Its range is from Texas and Oklahoma, to New Mexico, Utah and Oregon. Recently, birds have even been introduced to California and Hawaii. With such a large population range, it’s no surprise that the [...]

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Guided Duck Hunts in Louisiana – Things to Know

While most of the country is gripped in cold, or even frigid weather, duck hunting in Louisiana is as hot as it gets during this time of year. Many duck hunters agree that the Bayou State is perhaps one of the best locations in the country for a variety of different waterfowl and there are [...]

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Top 3 Osceola Turkey Hunting Guides

There are 4 species of wild turkeys in The United States. In the furthest west range of the bird, from Oregon to Oklahoma, is the Rio Grande Turkey. Nearby, and just to the East, is the Merriam’s Wild Turkey, living around the Rocky Mountains. Continuing in the same direction is the Eastern Wild turkey, so [...]

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Best Hog Hunting Guns Available Today

Hog hunting is considered by many to be one of the best forms of big game hunting available in the United States for a number of reasons. For one, many parts of the country place almost no restriction on hunting wild hogs as these invasive species are ransacking much of the southern portion of the [...]

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Cheap Hog Hunts You Can’t Miss

Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of the most popular game animal species in the country—especially for those who still have big game hunting on their minds after deer season is over. There are many positive advantages related to hog hunting, including the fact that wild boar can be found in almost every part of [...]

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Wild Hog Recipes – 3 Popular Ways To Cook Wild Boar

Wild hogs are becoming one of the biggest ecological threats to North America. From California to Florida and every state in between, this invasive species is destroying crops, ruining land, and putting farmers out of business. At this point, the only thing standing in the way of a complete swine takeover is the American Hunter. [...]

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4 Ways to Hunt Hogs in Texas

As hogs continue to invade our lands and destroy our crops, hunters continue to provide the force of our resistance. While the necessity of stopping the infestation weighs on landowner’s consciences’, hog hunters have found joy in their newly found prey. And there’s nowhere in our country better to hunt hogs than the Lone Star [...]

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Biggest Crappie Ever Caught – Part 3

Through the series of the biggest crappie ever caught there have been multiple catches that have blown our minds. From catching monster crappie on private ponds to catching giants at weird times. Each catch gives us avid crappie fishermen a different outlook to consider on our next monster crappie fishing trip. One tip that we [...]

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