As hogs continue to invade our lands and destroy our crops, hunters continue to provide the force of our resistance. While the necessity of stopping the infestation weighs on landowner’s consciences’, hog hunters have found joy in their newly found prey.

And there’s nowhere in our country better to hunt hogs than the Lone Star State of Texas.

But if you’ve been hunting hogs for a while, you maybe tired of just sitting over a corn pile and blasting away. You maybe looking for more of a challenge, or a different experience all-together.

So, to give you something new, we’ve assembled a list of 4 different ways to hunt hogs in Texas. If you choose to pursue these massive and dangerous animals in any of these ways, you’ll be sure to have a good time. And you may even get to bring home some bacon.

Spear Hunting

Imagine this:

You’re running through the woods, regretting that last beer you and your buds drank around the fire last night. You hear pants and paws pattering as the pack of dogs ahead of you races away. Out of breath would be an understatement, but the adrenaline keeps your feet moving.

In your hands, you carry a 6-foot spear with a cold-steel point.

When you finally catch up, the dogs start barking. They’ve cornered a dark figure that weighs at least 300 pounds. It is thrashing its tusks, kicking its feet, and charging at the hounds that try to lock it in their mouths.

The beast breaks free for a moment, and you frantically look around for a tree to climb, before the dogs quickly subdue it again.

Your guide gives you a nod, and you drive the sharp steel right behind the beast’s shoulder.

What was moments ago a mass of black fear and potential injury has quickly become a lifeless mass of mud and stink.

You just speared your first hog.

Not only was the experience exhilarating, but the animal also passed away quickly and humanely.

Hog hunting with knives or spears is becoming a more popular way to hunt these beasts, especially in Texas. If bow range isn’t close enough, and you’re looking for the thrill of a lifetime, give hog hunting with a spear a try!

If you’re interested in this thrilling experience, contact the guides at Roewe Outfitters

Helicopter Hunting

If “fair chase” is your mantra and you only hunt with primitive weapons that you’ve hand carved out of trees that you’ve planted, then you may want to skip this hunting method.

Hunting hogs from a helicopter is far from fair, but it’s about the most adrenaline pumping type of hunting that doesn’t end with a grizzly bear munching on your bones.

And there’s no better place in the world to get up in the sky and shoot some hogs than the great state of Texas.

Helicopter hog hunting is basically a video game, except this one helps protect lands from invasive species and rewards you with fresh pork chops. You get up in a helicopter, take a high-powered semi-automatic rifle with a red dot scope, and fly around until you find the sounder.

Once you find them, the chase is on, as hogs don’t enjoy the sound of helicopters bearing down on them for some reason. As you tail the sprinting animals, you unload round after round until the animals lie in a cloud of blood and dust.

Who knew conservation could be so exhilarating?

If hunting hogs from a helicopter in Texas sounds like something you want to do, look no further than our top helicopter hog hunting guides. They’ll get you up in the sky where you can rain bullets down on hogs all day.

We talked to one of those guides, Chris Hitt of SkyHunter Outfitters, and he had this to say about the experience: “What we do is as much about having a great time as it is about killing pigs and helping these farmers. ”

So get out there, have some fun, and help these farmers out!

Night-vision Hog Hunting

My first experience hog hunting was intense.

We were driving around my buddy’s land at night with a few flashlights looking for hogs. After a couple hours of seeing nothing, we drove into a greenfield and turned on the lights.

The moment the lights filled the field, the half dozen hogs that were standing there instantly took off running. I managed to get a humane shot on one, and harvested my first hog.

But this was far from the most effective method.

These days, with advances in optics and technology, hunting like we were doing is a thing of the past. Hog hunting with night-vision is the name of the game now.

Night vision optics allows hunters to clearly see hogs, even in the pitch dark, long before they see you. This advantage creates an exciting, humane method of harvesting hogs at night.

We talked to Brian Bedre, at Night Vision Hog Guide, and this is what he had to say about it:

“The technology is an amazing experience in itself. We drive in the dark, shoot in the dark, everything is done in complete darkness but yet we can see like it’s daylight. It is an adrenaline rush like no other to stalk up on a group of pigs in complete darkness and then start shooting.”

And there’s no better place to use night vision to hunt hogs than Texas.

If you’re interested in hunting hogs in Texas with night vision, contact the guides over in Palestine Texas.

Bow Hunting

Hog’s are incredibly tough animals, and bringing them down with a rifle can be difficult. These creatures are known to absorb the force of even high caliber rifle rounds.

Furthermore, hogs are known to get pretty pissed off when they’re wounded. 300 pounds of pissed off thrashing tusks doesn’t sound too fun.

So using the ole stick-and-string to try to poke a hole in a hog may sound like a bad idea.

But bow hunting for hogs is effective, and can be an exhilarating and unique experience. It just takes the right shot. A poorly placed shot on a hog can result in a dangerous and frustrating situation.

We talked to Allen Williams, who specializes in guiding bowhunts for hogs. This is what he had to say:

“It’s all about making the perfect shot on a wild hog. They can take a lot of punishment and are very resilient animals. To walk up on a wounded wild hog would be an adventure you might not want to go on!”

So, if you’re interested in bow hunting for hogs in Texas, you better get to practicing. You’ll want to be dead on from 20 to 30 yards. Bring a bow that you are comfortable shooting, the strongest arrows you can find, and the sharpest fixed blade broadhead.

And if you’re looking for a guided bow-hunting hog hunt, talk to Allen and our friends at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch.

4 Ways to Hunt Hogs in Texas

There’s no shortage of variety when talking about the methods of hunting hogs in Texas. But don’t just take our word for it, book a trip with one of our guides today, and try it yourself!

If you get the chance to hunt hogs with a bow, spear, night vision, or from a helicopter, let us know! We love to hear our reader’s stories.