Texas is the land of opportunity for hog hunting trips, but hunters may find it tough to find a guide for an affordable price. The state is virtually overrun with wild hogs and there are hundreds of guides offering Texas hog hunting trips throughout the state. Some scientists estimate there to be at least 2 million wild hogs in Texas. Many guide services hunt free range hogs and the state’s exploding population means there is never any shortage of wild hogs. For hunters looking to get in on the action, finding a reasonably priced guide is tricky. Many outfitters offer low hunting rates, but couple them with higher processing or trophy fees. We have sifted through the countless Texas hog hunting trips to locate the best ones for those seeking affordable hunts with guides that won’t skimp on quality. Here is our list of the top most affordable Texas hog hunts.

Wormy’s Ranch

Located just north of Trinity, Texas is Wormy’s Ranch, which offers Texas hog hunts on its 3,600 acres of hunting property. Wormy’s Ranch offers a true backwoods ranch experience and is one of the best places in the state for affordable Texas hog hunts. You can consider Wormy’s Ranch to be welcoming for groups as their pricing is better per person based on the group’s size. You won’t find a fancy lodge at Wormy’s Ranch, but there are plenty of hogs in this east Texas hunting haven. Wormy’s offers hunts year-round at a cost of just $150 for a group of five hunters. They offer a special 3-hour hunt for only $149, which is among one of the best deals for any on our list of the most affordable Texas hog hunts. There is a small charge per pound for each hog, but hunters won’t pay that unless they are harvesting hogs. Wormy’s Ranch is well-known for some of the most plentiful hogs in the state and invites hunters to come be a part of their growing story as one of the best Texas hog hunts in the state. There are plenty of reasons why we have this at the top of our list and Wormy’s Ranch is a clear favorite on our list of the top most affordable Texas hog hunts.

Ace in the Hole Guide Service

January begins the hottest time of the year for Texas hog hunts and Capt. Brent Hopkins from Ace in the Hole Guide Service turns up the heat around this time of year. Brent offers some of the best priced Texas hog hunts and he keeps plenty of clients happy with harvest numbers. Hunters are allowed to take one trophy hog per trip and at a price of only $250 per day, that isn’t a bad deal. Brent guides his clients on ranches of 1,000 or up to 10,000 acres with more than enough hogs to go around. Hunters are free to do a semi-guided hunt as well. Hunters will be pleased to learn that Ace in the Hole offers free tracking of hogs with trained dogs. Brent is an expert in Texas hog hunts and is there to ensure that his hunters get the best opportunity to harvest the hog of their choice during their trip. There are no trophy or skinning fees with Ace in the Hole and this outfitter is among our top affordable Texas hog hunts that is truly a hidden gem for most hunters.

Hunters Creek Ranch

Nestled in the northeast Texas river bottoms is one of the best Texas hog hunts you’ll find anywhere. The guides at Hunters Creek are straightforward and hunts are offered at a price that is almost unbeatable. Hog hunts are available for only $275 per day, which includes lodging and meals. Hunters are allowed to take up to two hogs per day at Hunters Creek Ranch. There are plenty of other game animals for hunters to go after, but this is easily one of the best Texas hog hunts around and offers perhaps the most affordable deal. Youth hunts are offered at a discounted rate as long as an adult is there to accompany the younger hunters. Bob, owner of Hunters Creek Ranch, says he began the guide service as a hobby. “I started doing this as a hobby—offering hog hunts and bowfishing trips,” says Bob. “I owned a business and just did this on the side, but our guide service has grown so much that we are having to really expand it now. I offer prices that I think are fair to people.” Bob is adamant about offering fair pricing and that makes this guide one of the absolute most affordable Texas hog hunts in the entire state.

Smith Ranch

Located in Centerville, Texas is one of the state’s finest hog hunting services around. This family-owned business has been around for more than 30 years and is one of the most affordable Texas hog hunts available. Smith Ranch offers hunters a wide variety of different hunting methods, which makes this especially appealing to groups. For a one-day cost of $275, hunters are allowed one hog up to 100 pounds, and are free to take a trophy boar for an additional fee. This cost includes access to the walk-in cooler and a stay in the camp house where hunters often gather around to swap some of their best stories about Texas hog hunts. Many hunters are drawn to Smith Ranch’s long-range shot hunting opportunities. Hogs can be harvested at night or day with just about any weapon you wish to use. Smith Ranch accommodates any level of hunter and takes pride in breaking in novice hunters for their first Texas hog hunts.