Want something that is out of your usual habit of staying inside your house while scrolling down your social media timelines or while playing your favorite online games? Why not try Angling or fishing?

Angling is a recreational activity with the main goal of catching fish with line and rod. Unlike other hobbies, this pastime gives an actual and tangible output in the form of a fish, giving anglers that fulfillment and reward after a long wait.

Thus, if you are interested in doing it this weekend or as a hobby soon, then you must first know what the must-haves are. Read on!


Knowledge in Fishing/Angling

You may have the tools but without a know-how, those tools will be put to waste. From casting the line to the proper removal of fish from the hook, every beginner must know them.


Although angling sounds too recreational, this, however, requires a license. This is to regulate and control the fishing activity. Remember that you are after living things in the water. Having a license means you must follow certain rules of the fishing site. One example of the rules you should follow is the number of bags you can fill with fish.

You can get an Angling License either in person at local shops near you or online by visiting the Department of Natural Resources website to find how you can buy a license according to your state.

Fishing Rod, Reel and Line

These three make the foundation of fishing. The rod is either made of bamboo, metal or fiber glass. It’s where the reel and line are connected. It is used to have complete control of the lure’s movement. The reel on the other hand is used to deploy the line until it reaches enough length. Lastly, a fishing line is an angling cord that is flexible so it won’t be broken off easily by the weight of the fish caught.

If you think you can catch fish with just a piece of nylon that you will throw into the water. No! You need the likes of a hook, A Hook is a piece of curved metal. Its pointed upward, thus when the fish bites, there will be less chance that it will be able to escape.


Sure your bait will sink in the water, but the question is, will it sink enough to catch kinds of fish living down under? To make sure you are catching even those at the bottom of the body of water, have a sinker. The name suggests that it is somehow heavy enough to make the hook sink.  It is usually made of lead.


Baits are lures, and from its name, they are used to fool fish and make them bite, then will be caught. It is attached to the hook and will it be the deciding factor why the fish will surrender. There are types of baits used.

Artificial baits – these are reusable for they are not eaten and easily damaged by the fish. Thus, you can save money. They look like real bait and with movements of a real one.

Jigs – these are for bottom feeders as these sink in the water more. It has dress that is either feather or plastik. Its head is weighted, helping in the sink rate.

Soft Plastic Baits–  its look is the closest to the real baits. It is rubber-like that moves attractively.

Natural Baits– these are those that fish eat. The likes of worm are the ones that are used: Lobworms, Redworms and Brandlings.

Pliers and Knives

What will you use these for? Well, imagine catching a big fish, you will need a knife to cut the line if necessary. Also, you will need a needle nose plier to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth.


Sure you will be bringing lots of stuff to the fishing site. Are you gonna carry them all on your hands? Well, unless you have at least 10 hands with you, you will need a backpack. You will need a bag, like osprey backpacks, that is big enough and with enough pockets to pack all the fishing must-haves.

Sunglasses and Big Umbrella

While these are not as important as others, these will however help you have a comfortable time at the fishing site.  The sunglasses will help you avoid being distracted by the sun rays directly hitting your face and eyes. On the other hand, an umbrella might be used if you think you will be burned by the sun. Just make sure the umbrella is not too big that it consumes too much space.

Final words

Boring it may sound, but when you get the hang of it, you will find it interesting. After all, once you catch fish, big or small, it is an instant reward for your perseverance. Thus, to have your first catch, prepare first the must-haves mentioned above, and you are good to go.