Through the series of the biggest crappie ever caught there have been multiple catches that have blown our minds. From catching monster crappie on private ponds to catching giants at weird times. Each catch gives us avid crappie fishermen a different outlook to consider on our next monster crappie fishing trip. One tip that we all can take away from all these catches is that there are better times to catch monster crappie. The best time to catch giant black or white crappie is right after the sun comes and right after it goes down at night. The best days to catch world record crappie are on days that are clear without a chance of rain. During this article, you will find the third and fourth biggest ever caught in the United States. These catches might not be at the top of the list but these are catches that are impressive by any means. The small details to each of these catches can help improve your chances of catching the next world record crappie. Hopefully, you enjoy this article just like the other articles in the series “Biggest Crappie Ever Caught of All-Time”.

4. Penny Hopper, 4-Pound 14-Ounce, Watershed Lake, Kentucky, 2005
Mother’s Day in 2005 is one day that Penny Hopper will be one day forget. While fishing with her family which is something she enjoys doing to celebrate Mother’s Day. Hopper hooked into hooked into the monster crappie a little after sunrise on May 13 in 2005. After fishing for a little longer with her family, they brought the fish in for the official measurements of the monster crappie. It came out to be 4-pounds 14-ounces which were half a pound heavier than the previous record that was set in 1997. After the waiting, a few days for the paperwork to process Hopper had herself the state record for the state of Kentucky. The state of Kentucky does not differentiate between white or black crappie so it is unsure if she hooked a black or white crappie. It does not matter which species it is Hopper into a state record that will stand for many years to come. The official length of the crappie was 21 ½ inches long. Hooper has said that the fish was caught on a Rooster Tail spinner, which is not abnormal for crappie to go after small spinnerbaits. At the time of catch, they were fishing close to the shore and near some fallen logs and branches that can be used as a cover for crappie. The massive fish was caught on only 10-pound test line which the normal line of choice for many avid crappie fishermen. Hopper catch will be one that will always stand at the top of the biggest crappie list but it will always be the highest ranked when talking about the story. It is crazy how hopper caught the monster while celebrating Mother’s Day with her family. There is nothing more special than spending Mother’s Day with family. And, catching that monster made the day even more special. Now, something special like only happens every once in many many years. As long as you get outside and fish for the monster crappie there will always be the chance that you hook into the next world or state record.

3. Dean Pixon, 4-Pound 15-Ounce, Asheboro City Lake, North Carolina, 1980
Not to be shown up by the last fishing story Dean Pixon’s catch is something to be admired by many avid monster crappie fishermen. On a nice spring morning in 1980, Dean Pixon was on Asheboro City Lake when hooking into the monster 4-pound 15-ounce monster of a white crappie. It was around 9 am while fishing with a blue panfish spoon when Pixon hooked the beast of a crappie. As Pixon was fishing alone that he decided to fish a while longer after catching his monster crappie. After fishing til almost noon, he brought his catch to local bait and tackle shop which is close to the boat launch on Asheboro City Lake. After getting official measurements it was proven that Pixon caught the new state record for North Carolina which was held for many years previous before Pixon’s new catch. Asheboro City Lake has been known for many big catches of all species. Asheboro City Lake is a small just on the outside of Asheboro, North Carolina. Asheboro City Lake has the normal species that can be found in all North American lakes and ponds. So when considering your next monster crappie fishing, always keep Asheboro City Lake in the back of your mind. It may not be the best lake to catch monster crappie continuously but it has had success in the past which means there is a good chance a future trophy could come out of Asheboro City Lake in the future. Pixon had good success on a nice spring day in 1980 and we hope if you take monster crappie fishing trip to Asheboro City Lake in the future we will feature you in an upcoming article.

As you can tell from these catches monster crappie are hard to come by any black or white crappie fishing trip. Many avid crappie fishermen dream about catching either of the fish listed in the article. Even though these two crappies does not crack the top two of all-time, they should not be looked down on. They are catches that will stay toward the top of the list of the biggest crappie ever caught. Through this article, we hope you can find tips for your next monster crappie fishing and hopefully we can be featuring your catch in a future article. From everyone here at “The Outdoor Trip,” we hope you have a safe and successful next monster crappie fishing trip. Always remember to carry the proper fishing license for whichever area you choose to fish. Always remember to stay safe and carry the proper safety gear on your next monster crappie fishing trip.