Wild boar can be found across most of the southern United States, California and Hawaii. The average adult hog weighs between 100 and 200 pounds, but it is not uncommon for some to grow to more than 400 pounds. There are rare cases, even legends, of hogs as big as half a ton roaming the swamplands of the United States.

The Safari Club International lists the world’s top hogs based on tusk measurements of both circumference and length—some are actually more than a foot long. Based on the Weiser Weight and Tusk Trophy Wild Boar Record Book, we have compiled a list of the largest wild hogs ever killed in the United States.

5. Transylvania County, North Carolina

A North Carolina man had a harrowing encounter on his hog hunting trip with a massive wild hog in 2015 while hunting in Transylvania County. According to ABC affiliate WLOS-TV, Bruce Florence was hunting with his son, Jonathan, when the two encountered the hog.

Florence told the news station that he initially believed the animal was a black bear, but soon discovered that it was indeed a massive feral hog. Florence said the hog charged toward the two when it sighted the father and son.

The man had only one round in his gun, but managed to make the shot count by striking the animal’s heart as it charged toward him from just 20 yards out. Florence said the two dragged the animal to his pickup truck.

It is not clear where Florence is said to have weighed the hog, but the ABC news station reported that the Russian Razorback clocked in at 707 pounds. Making it the 5th largest wild hog ever killed on our list.

4. De Leon, Texas

In the heart of hog country, we find the number four largest hogs ever killed on our list. According to My San Antonio, a news website based in San Antonio, Texas, this hog was not killed, but was instead captured in January of 2015.

Blaine Garcia said he was on a normal hog hunting trip in the backwoods of Comanche County when he spotted the giant hog. He told the news source that he then called his friend, Wyatt Walton, to help him bag the animal.

Garcia and Walton are said to have used the assistance of two bulldogs to catch the wild hog while the two men managed to tie the hog’s feet together and loaded it onto a trailer. Since then, the hog has been kept and fed in a cage.

Garcia told the news source shortly after catching the hog that he did not have any intention of killing it yet. The animal weighed in at 790 pounds, and a local game warden said that it is not uncommon to see hogs that are well over 500 pounds in that part of Texas.

3. Mobile County, Alabama

The next largest hog ever killed on our list was killed at a hunting club’s food plot in Turnerville, Alabama. According to Alabama news website AL.com, Adam Stanger could not believe what he saw while on a hog hunting trip with his 3-year-old son and a friend in October of 2009.

The hog sauntered into the food plot nearly 300 yards from the group’s position. Stanger’s son, Elliot, reported that it was a cow that had wandered out into the food plot, but his friend, Matt Pryor, claimed it had to be a black bear.

Finally, to the group’s disbelief, the hog swung its head back and forth, providing them with a decent enough view to determine that the massive beast was indeed a hog. Stanger told AL.com that he initially guessed the wild hog to be somewhere between 300 and 400 pounds.

The men raced home and brought back a .30-06 rifle to take the hog down. After returning to the site, the hog was still browsing in the same spot as when the men had left. Stanger shot twice at the wild hog, but the animal continued to run away from the food plot. After two more shots, the wild hog was down and the men were able to move in for a closer look.

Stanger said he and Pryor could not believe the size of the boar. After failing to drag the hog out with his ATV, the two employed the help of a front-end loader to harvest the hog.

The pig was weighed at 780 pounds.

2. Samson, Alabama

The hunter responsible for the next biggest hog ever killed on our list did not have to travel far to bag this huge wild hog. According to AL.com, Wade Seago was shocked when he encountered a massive hog in the front yard of his Samson, Alabama home.

Seago said that he heard his dog barking at something close to the house, and went outside to investigate. As he stepped onto his back porch, Seago noticed that his dog had bayed an enormous hog just a few feet from his porch.

Seago, who is described in the news report as an avid hunter and taxidermist, sprang into action and retrieved a .38 caliber revolver from inside his residence. He managed to drop the hog with three well-placed shots.

After loading the hog into his truck, Seago weighed it at a nearby peanut farm. The hog sported six-inch tusks and weighed in at an astounding 820 pounds.

1. Delta, Alabama

The final and largest wild hog ever killed on our list made national news when it was killed in 2007. The gargantuan boar was not bagged by a seasoned hunter, but instead was shot by an 11-year-old boy with .50 caliber revolver.

According to a story published on Fox News, Jamison Stone and his father, Mike were on a hog hunting trip with two hog hunting guides in east Alabama when they encountered the giant. The men reported that the boy shot the hog a total of eight times as they tracked it for three hours through dense hardwoods and wooded hills.

The boar finally went down in the middle of a creek in Lost Creek Plantation, a commercial hunting preserve in Delta, Alabama. The men managed to somehow load the enormous hog onto a truck and haul it to the nearby Clay County Farmers Exchange where it was officially weighed.

The #1 largest hog ever killed clocked in at an unbelievable 1,051 pounds. A nearby taxidermist measured the animal, and reported that its tusks were at least 5 inches long.

Jamison did not register the wild hog in any official record book, but instead sent it to be butchered for meat while the animal’s head was mounted by the taxidermist. The hog goes down as the unofficial largest wild hog ever killed.

Each one of these largest wild hogs has its own unique hog hunting story, making it special to every hog hunter. Hog hunting is a lot of fun; especially when you have the chance to potentially harvest the largest wild hog ever killed. The important thing is to get out in the woods, have a little fun and harvest some wild hogs. We hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, and hope that on your next hog hunting trip you not only enjoy harvesting a trophy hog, but also enjoy the memories that are made while enjoying the outdoors. Here at The Outdoor Trip, we hope we can assist you in booking your next hog hunting trip. If it’s a trip across the country or a hunting trip in your backyard we can help find the perfect hog hunting guide or outfitter to make your hog hunting trip a memorable one.