Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of the most popular game animal species in the country—especially for those who still have big game hunting on their minds after deer season is over. There are many positive advantages related to hog hunting, including the fact that wild boar can be found in almost every part of the United States, which makes finding a good area to plan a hog hunting trip easier than most species.

Another advantage of hog hunting is that it is relatively inexpensive. While hog hunting is big business in many parts of the country, it can also be inexpensive depending on the outfitter. Taking the time to nail down a list of the best cheap hog hunts in the country takes a lot of time, but we have compiled a list of some of our tops picks for cheap hog hunts you can’t miss.

Before we go into our list, it is important to note that you can sometimes hunt free of charge if you’re going after wild hogs. Hunters can easily find hundreds of different hog hunting guides across much of the country, but there are portions of the United States where some of the best hog hunting opportunities available are absolutely free.

Many farmers are constantly dealing with problems caused by feral hogs which can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in crop damage in a short amount of time. For states like Texas and much of the southeastern United States, you can often find landowners who are willing to let hog hunters have virtual free reign on their land in an effort to stave off the invasion of wild boar. If you are looking for the cheapest form of hog hunting, we recommend this as your best option.

It may take some extra effort on the part of the hunter, but it is possible to find landowners who will grant permission for someone to hog hunt on their property for little to no cost. Take into account that there are already professional hog control services like Dark Thirty Hog Control that do this for a living, and are very effective.

However, if you’re looking for a great hog hunting opportunity that won’t break the bank, we have found a few of the most affordable options in the country. It may come as no surprise that some of the cheapest hog hunts are available in parts of the country where wild hogs run rampant and exist in very high population numbers. Here are three cheap hog hunts that are perfect for anyone hunting on a budget.

Clay Hill Hunting

There are few places in the country that offer more value than Clay Hill Hunting. Owners Eddie and Tammie Watson offer clients everything you’ll find at just about any other hog hunting guide service, but with more of an emphasis on quality than quantity. Eddie says that the hogs around Clay Hill are free range and guests almost always get a shot on a pig, but there are no guaranteed kills.
Clay Hill may be the top dog when it comes to cheap hog hunts as they offer half-day hunts for as little as $75 per person. For just $150, hunters can enjoy a stay in the Clay Hill lodging options located on the property.

“Everything is fair chase and free range,” says Eddie. “We keep feeders going all yea and put stands in the best places on our property.”

Clay Hill hunts are semi-guided, meaning Eddie and his guides help position hunters at the best possible locations, but you’re free to relocate if you want. Eddie also notes that he does not try to pressure his hogs too much, despite having plenty of clients itching to visit this place, which is among the best cheap hog hunts in the nation.

I Live Wild

Located near Brooksville, Florida near the Gulf of Mexico is another one of the best cheap hog hunts you’ll find anywhere. I Live Wild is owned by Ron Ritter and offers hog hunts for as low as $115 per day, which includes trophy and skinning fees.

“I try to offer hunts at a fair price and provide people with a great experience,” says Ron. “It’s something I’ve been doing for years and I really enjoy it.”

I Live Wild’s hunts are all free range and fair game and Ron says that being located on the Withlacoochee River puts his clients in some of the best hog hunting country in the world. This is probably one of the best cheap hog hunts in the country given the area and the price. However, being one of the lowest priced cheap hog hunts doesn’t mean you can expect low quality. A quick browse of Ron’s website proves that hunters have a great chance to harvest a trophy boar with I Live Wild.

Fox Brown Outfitters

The area surrounding Indianatown, Florida is known for having one of the highest number of hogs per capita in the world. Fox Brown Outfitters is situated in this south Florida swampland and is a dream come true for any hunter seeking the best cheap hog hunts available.

The price will surprise anyone who visits Fox Brown Outfitter’s property as the guide service offers a wide variety of different kinds of hog hunting methods for a very low price—only $250 per hunter per day and only $50 extra for each additional hunter.

“You can do the traditional style of hunting, or you can reserve a buggy hunt with us where your group will be able to ride around the swamplands and shoot from the buggy, or get out and stalk the hogs once we’ve located them,” says Chelsea Wallace, owner. “We also have dogs and let people hunt with knives or spears if they really want an adrenaline rush.”

Fox Brown Outfitters is a pleasant surprise to anyone looking for a bonafide south Florida swampland adventure at a decent price as this one is easily among our list of the best cheap hog hunts you can’t miss.