November in Louisiana is a magical time for waterfowl hunters as the marshlands of the Bayou State are alive with millions of different species of ducks. Louisiana is arguably the best state in the country for duck hunting and there are plenty of outdoorsmen and women who will attest to that statement.

Situated on one of the most heavily traveled waterfowl highways in the world, Louisiana is literally covered in ducks. From the grassy marshes around the coastal region to the flooded backcountry woodlands and swamps, you can find ducks in every corner of the state.

Wildlife biologists estimate that there were nearly 48 million ducks in the United States in 2017. Any of the duck hunting guides in the state will confirm that a large portion of that number make their way through the Mississippi Flyway, which is located directly over Louisiana.

It’s no secret that Louisiana is quite possibly the duck hunting mecca of the world, but narrowing down the list of available duck hunting guides to the best of the best is no easy task. With dozens of guides located in each major duck hunting area in Louisiana, hunters make the mistake of booking a less-than-experience guide for their duck hunting venture.

After much research through hunter testimonials, reviews, and other information, we have narrowed down the list and selected the top five duck hunting guides in Louisiana.

Honey Brake Lodge

Situated near the legendary waters of Catahoula Lake, Honey Brake Lodge is one of the absolute best outfitters for guided duck hunting trips in the state. Hunters have access to 65 different duck blinds located throughout the sprawling 20,000-acre hunting preserve that is known as the Old Louisiana Delta Plantation. 9,000 of those acres are home the largest single-owned Wetlands Reserve Project in the state.

Honey Brake considers their champion hunting dogs to be their greatest conservation tool. The dogs are trained by some of the nation’s top professional dog trainers to ensure an overall level of professionalism from both the dogs and the duck hunting guides.

There’s also no need to look for lodging when you book with Honey Brake as their 13,500-square-foot lodge is able to house large groups while including chef-prepared gourmet meals. Honey Brake Lodge is also a destination for other activities like fishing, water sports, and other outdoor activities in addition to having one of the best duck hunting guides service in the state.

Megabucks Duck Hunts

For Johnny Wink, being one of the best duck hunting guides in Louisiana is not just a job, it’s a way of life. Wink began working as a guide 44 years ago and has since established his company one of the most well-known duck hunting guides in the United States.

“This is not something I do just during duck season every year—this is something I do 365 days out of the year,” says Wink. “We’re always working to provide the absolute best duck hunting experience of anywhere in the world.”

Megabucks is located just below the Arkansas state line on what Wink says is one of the biggest flyways in the country with 6,000 acres of private hunting land. As far as duck hunting guides go in the state of Louisiana, Megabucks is certainly second to none among the state’s duck hunting guides.

Louisiana Outfitters

Captain Scott Ritchey, owner of Louisiana Outfitters, enjoys being one of the most highly reviewed duck hunting guides in the state. Located in the Louisiana Rice Belt, the company’s eight private farms encompass some of the absolute best waterfowl habitat in the nation.

When Ritchey is not guiding for his world-class coastal fishing guide service, he’s working on managing his farms to maintain prime duck hunting areas. In addition to offering one of the best guided duck hunts, Louisiana Outfitters also features a relaxing experience on the farm in which hunters can enjoy skeet shooting, fishing, or meet around the fireplace and share hunting stories with some of the most experienced duck hunting guides in the state.

“All of our guides are passionate about everything waterfowl, as well as being extremely accomplished hunters and callers,” says Ritchey. “All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the show, and shoot straight.”

Waterfowl Specialist Guide Service

Located in St. Bernard, Waterfowl Specialist Guide Service is in the business of being one of the best duck hunting guides there is, and also helping their guests create memories that will last a lifetime. As Captain Jimmy Corley’s company name entails, Waterfowl Specialist will ensure hunters with an unforgettable southeastern Louisiana duck hunting experience.

“Duck hunting is a way of life for us here,” says Corley, who was raised in the marshlands surrounding St. Bernard. “I’ve done this all my life and we take pride in helping people experience some of the greatest duck hunting there is.”

Hunters can also make the short, half-hour trip to New Orleans from St. Bernard after their hunt to experience an authentic southeastern Louisiana adventure.

Cajun Unlimited

For those looking to experience life in Cajun country and venture out with one of the best duck hunting guides in the state, look no further than Cajun Unlimited. Located in Venice, Cajun Unlimited is situated in the heart of some of Louisiana’s best duck hunting territory.

Visitors will not only have the opportunity to bag a limit of nearly every species of waterfowl in Louisiana, they can also take part in Cajun Unlimited’s hog hunting or fishing adventures. Cajun Unlimited offers one of the best Blast and Cast packages in the state as their fishing guides are equally as skilled as their duck hunting guides.

With more than 10,000 acres of private hunting land, there are plenty of opportunities for hunters to harvest a wide variety of waterfowl species in some of southeast Louisiana’s finest hunting lands.