While most of the country is gripped in cold, or even frigid weather, duck hunting in Louisiana is as hot as it gets during this time of year. Many duck hunters agree that the Bayou State is perhaps one of the best locations in the country for a variety of different waterfowl and there are seemingly endless numbers of guided duck hunts in Louisiana that have hunters looking forward to visiting the state all year.

Louisiana duck hunting is also very different from other areas of North America. If guided duck hunts in Louisiana are not high on your hunting bucket list, they certainly should be.

What makes Louisiana so special when it comes to waterfowl? We spoke with Cory Baudoin, manager of Pecan Island West Hunt Club, who says that there are plenty of reasons people—and ducks—flock to the area from miles around.

The Mississippi Flyway

“We are on one of the biggest flyways in North America here for the majority of ducks that make it this far south, almost all of them pass through this area,” says Cory. “People have to keep in mind that these ducks have been hunted for 3,000 miles before they get here, but the amount of ducks and the variety that we have are really what brings people in.”

The state is teeming with swamps, lakes and marshlands which make it a virtual waterfowl haven. Louisiana duck seasons begin in September, but when the weather cools off, the Bayou State heats up and practically blows most other areas of the country out of the water when it comes to waterfowl.

Variety of Species and Terrain

With hundreds of different guided duck hunts in Louisiana, hunters can select one that aligns with their own preferences. Of the many different duck species in the state, some of the most popular are Red Heads, Pintail, Canvasback, Mallards, and Teal. Click here to learn more about each specific duck season in Louisiana.

Much like the wide variety of duck species, Louisiana hunters can also experience many different kinds of terrain.

“There are so many different types of terrain down here which makes it exciting to hunt Louisiana,” says Cory. We have flooded timber, agricultural fields, swamps and marshlands. There is more variety here than anywhere you’ll find.”

Pecan Island West Hunt Club is one of the most highly reviewed guided duck hunts in south Louisiana and Cory says that duck hunting is ingrained in the local population and guided duck hunts in Louisiana are some of the best in the nation.

“Duck hunting is big down here,” says Cory. “We are located two miles from the coast and we operate on roughly 1,500 acres. We have a lodge that accommodates up to 12 people so folks like to come here for the full Louisiana duck hunting experience. Sometimes you’ll deal with warm weather which slows them down, but for the most part, the hunting down here is as good as you’ll find anywhere.”

Duck Hunting is a Way of Life

Jon Despino, owner of Shell Shocked Lodge says that folks in Louisiana eat, sleep, and breathe duck hunting. As owner of one of the best guided duck hunts in Louisiana, Jon says his clients come from all over the world to experience an authentic Louisiana duck hunting adventure.

“Duck hunting is in our blood and we love it just as much as our clients do,” says Jon. “It’s perfect for beginners who are new to duck hunting because there are usually lots of birds and it can get pretty exciting when you have a big group fly in.”

Shell Shocked is located in central Louisiana near the legendary Catahoula Lake and is one of the best guided duck hunts in Louisiana. Jon notes that many people come for much more than a guided louisiana duck hunt.

One of a Kind Experience

“One thing about Louisiana, if you don’t have a great hunt, you’ll still have a great experience,” says Jon. “The food, the lodge, the culture down here, the boat rides out to the blinds, it’s all part of a pretty unique experience that is truly unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Jon says that Shell Shocked Lodge places as much importance on the food and lodging for its guests as it does the overall hunting experience of guided duck hunts in Louisiana.

Cajun Culture

Many of the guided duck hunts in Louisiana take pride in providing guests with an authentically Cajun experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With its many different cultural blends, Louisiana is truly one of the most interesting and enjoyable destinations in the country,

“We make sure that people who come down here and hunt with us eat good and have a great time,” says Jon. “Sometimes the weather is warm and the duck hunting is not as good, but people still leave here with a smile on their face because they just had a great trip. We make sure that you have a comfortable place to stay where you can kick your feet up and relax and yes, we do have some low country boils and will fix you some of the best Cajun food you can get.”

“I can’t guarantee that you’ll leave with a 5-man limit of ducks, but I can say that you’ll have a good time and enjoy yourself.”

Louisiana is home to 1.3 million acres of public duck hunting lands, but the guided duck hunts in Louisiana are truly second to none. Take a look at some of our guided duck hunt listings and book your trip today. These trips are booked well in advance so make sure to plan ahead to get in on the action for guided duck hunts in Louisiana.