Texas is a virtual mecca for hog hunting as the state is one of the most densely-populated with wild boar while also having very little restriction on hunting methods. Helicopter hog hunting in Texas was legalized in recent years and hog control efforts have since shifted upward in the Lone Star State.

The move was a win-win for everyone except hogs as farmers can now allow helicopter hog hunts on their property without having to spend large amounts for the service. Helicopter hog hunting guides are able to hunt on these farms for little or no cost while most of the cost for running the service is paid for by the hunter pulling the trigger. Many helicopter hog hunting guides in Texas will attest to the fact that the new venture has brought in more of tourists from outside the state, as well as outside the country.

As one might guess, helicopter hog hunting in Texas is a world of difference from the more traditional methods used by guides. There are added safety concerns, as well as much greater costs with items like fuel and pilot fees.

Texas helicopter hog hunting has become a huge success for both guides and farmers. Many helicopter hog hunting guides in Texas report huge hunter success rates while many of the guides are able to help save farms from being ravaged by wild hogs.

If you’re exploring helicopter hog hunts in Texas, the following list should help you narrow down your choices to some of the best aerial guide services in the state. The Outdoor Trip has researched, reviewed testimonials, and spoken with folks who have been in the air with some of the best guides in the state to come up with this list of the top five guides for helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

Skyhunter Outfitters

Most helicopter hog hunting in Texas is done by skilled pilots with years of flight experience. Skyhunters is in a league of its own when it comes to the level of professionalism and expertise in the air. Skyhunter is owned by Christ Hitt, a US Army Cavalry Scout pilot with 6th Cavalry 10th Combat Aviation Brigade flying the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior.

“Our aircraft is much larger, and much safer than what other guides are using,” says Hitt. “I’m the only guide with specific training in engaging enemies close to the ground. A lot of people book hunts with me because of my background.”

Skyhunter is based out of Commerce and Hitt says he has helped many farmers take care of hog infestations in their lands for years. He is careful to only offer hunts during the winter months after deer season.

“Most of these operations are in the agricultural area,” says Hitt. “We fly during the winter after deer season when the leaves are off of the trees and there are no hunters in the woods that we’re going to ruin their hunts.”

With comfortable lodging and other amenities, Skyhunter is well-known as one of the top guides for helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

“What we do is as much about having a great time as it is about killing pigs and helping these farmers,” says Hitt.


The old saying “high on the hog” takes on a whole new meaning with Heli-Hunter. Founded in 2009, the company was one of the first for helicopter hog hunting in Texas and was started by farmers and ranchers who were desperate to take their land back from wild hogs.

Located just south of Dallas, Heli-Hunter features comfortable accommodations for you to relax in and get ready for action on some of their 100,000 acres of hunting land. As with each of the five guides listed on our list of the best helicopter hog hunting in Texas, Heli-Hunter requires that guests go through in-depth training sessions before taking to the air.

Heli-Hunter is able to accommodate any type of group from corporate retreats to weekend getaways for the guys. The guide is known as one of the absolute best when it comes to helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

Cedar Ridge Aviation

Cedar Ridge Aviation is owned and operated by Dustin Johnson, a commercial helicopter pilot with plenty of flight experience and a love for hunting. Cedar Ridge specializes in aerial hog control, as well as other methods of wildlife control from the air.

The company is known as one of the most effective when it comes to helicopter hog hunting in Texas and controlling the invasive wild pigs. Guests will enjoy lodging and other amenities during their stay before the “main event” takes place.

Cedar Ridge has helped to take out more than 17,000 hogs in the past four years, but farmers are still in need of their services. Book a trip with Cedar Ridge to help take part in the battle to take back Texas farms and to also experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with one of the best guides for helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

Pork Choppers

Based in Haskell in the northern portion of the state, Pork Choppers Aviation isn’t just the most creative with the name they gave their business—they are easily one of the best guides for helicopter hog hunting in Texas.

Pork Choppers is not shy about their claim to have the best helicopter hog hunting in Texas, and they are doing their part to eradicate hogs from much of the farms across northern Texas. With more than 5 years in business, Pork Choppers has yet to have a group of hunters leave unsatisfied.

Visit the Pork Choppers website to check out dozens of videos documenting the thrilling, action-packed hunts and it’s easy to see why we chose to include them among our list of the best guides for helicopter hog hunting in Texas.