Spring is a magical time of year for outdoor lovers. Trees are blooming and the woods and waterways are coming to life with plenty of wildlife. For hunters, Spring is usually marked by one day that is celebrated by many hunters throughout the United States—the opening day of turkey season.

Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and active forms of hunting in the country. There are different varieties of turkey in different regions and each are high on the list of game animals for many outdoorsmen and women.

What could possibly make Spring turkey hunts even more exciting than they already are? Add hog hunting trips to the mix and you can experience two of America’s most sought-after game animals in one outing.

Finding the best turkey and hog hunting trips available will require hunters to do extensive research on countless guides and outfitters across much of the country. We at The Outdoor Trip have taken the time to sift through some of the top guides in the nation to find some of the best outfitters. Here is our picks for the top turkey and hog hunting trips that hunters can book as a combo.

Rancho Modrono

South Texas is teeming with plenty of game animals and is well-known as one of the most popular hunting destinations in the country. Rancho Modrono is located just north of San Antonio in the heart of the Texas hunting paradise.

Hunters flock to Rancho Modrono to get a shot at the famed Rio Grande Turkey which thrives in this portion of the United States. Rancho Modrono offers ideal habitat for Rio Grande Turkeys as they will roost along creeks and feed in meadows and wooded hills.

The area surrounding Rancho Modrono is also home to thriving numbers of wild hogs. Hunters can book turkey and hog hunting trips here and experience an authentic south Texas adventure. Rancho Modrono provides hunters with experienced guides for both turkey and hog hunting trips and also has some of the finest food and lodging you will find anywhere.

Tiger Island Outfitters

Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge and its surrounding area is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife habitat in the country. Wild hogs are found here in huge numbers, but many hunters travel to the area to pursue one of America’s most notoriously elusive bird species—the Osceola turkey.

Tiger Island Outfitters has made a name for themselves by offering top notch Osceola Turkey hunting trips, as well as many other hunts for game animals found in this area, including wild hog.

Tiger Island offers a whole new turkey hunting experience and hunters that book a combo trip could very well run into some of the area’s trophy hogs. For hunters looking to complete the Grand Slam for turkeys, Tiger Island should be high on their list of guides. The experienced guides at Tiger Island offer one of the best turkey and hog hunting trips in one of the best Florida island hunting locations available.

Get Bit Outdoors

Another one of our favorite guides for turkey and hog hunting trips is Get Bit Outdoors, which is one of the most popular outfitters in the Sunshine State for good reason. Get Bit Outdoors offers some of the best guided hunts and fishing trips in the state and is easily one of our top picks.

While gator hunting is a well-known specialty for Get Bit Outdoors, turkey and hog hunting trips here are among some of the absolute best you’ll find anywhere. Experience matters here and hunters will be accompanied by some of the best guides in Florida that are experts at getting clients a shot at their target.

Guides here will attest to the fact that the Osceola Turkey is the most coveted of all turkey species by hunters. Captain Kevin Brotz is as much of an expert on hunting the Osceola turkey as anyone in the country, which is why he is a Mossy Oak Pro Staff member. Finding trophy boar is also a specialty of Kevin and hunters will find Get Bit Outdoors to be one of the best outfitters in the country for turkey and hog hunting trips.

Hawkins Ridge Lodge

Deep in the woodlands surrounding Eufaula, Alabama is Hawkins Ridge Lodge. This region is one of the most popular for those seeking the Eastern Wild Turkey, which can be found anywhere on Hawkins Ridge Lodge’s 6,000 acres of hunting land.

Wild hogs can also be found in abundance here which makes Hawkins Ridge a clear addition to our list of the best turkey and hog hunting trips. Lake Eufaula is one of the most popular hunting and fishing destinations in the southeast and hunters will find plenty of reasons to enjoy this Alabama paradise.

Hawkins Ridge offers top notch lodging for visitors and plenty of fishing opportunities as well. This outfitter is a great pick for anyone seeking quality turkey and hog hunting trips.

Affordable Outfitters

Finding great guided turkey and hog hunting trips in Texas can be tough as there are numerous guides offering combo hunts for both Rio Grande Turkeys and giant wild hogs. Affordable Outfitters is one that many would consider a hidden gem as they have five different ranches located across three counties in north Texas.

Hunters will find abundant numbers of Rio Grande Turkeys and some of the biggest wild hogs of anywhere in the country. Affordable Outfitters lives up to their name as they offer some of the best pricing around for turkey and hog hunting trips.

Best of all, a combo hunt here includes one Rio Grande Tom and as many hogs as hunters want to harvest. The hunts are semi-guided and Affordable Outfitters also includes lodging that is sure to give hunters the experience of an authentic Texas backcountry hunting adventure. Don’t overlook this one as it is a great choice for anyone looking for turkey and hog hunting trips that are truly affordable.