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Hunting is a time-honored tradition that has been around since the beginning of man’s existence. For many outdoorsmen and women, our fondest memories in the woods come from our youth when fathers and grandfathers introduced us into the great outdoors. Every avid hunter feels a unique sense of responsibility to pass down this great adventure to the next generation, not just for the joy of the hunt, but as a means to ensure that those who come after us preserve the purity of the wild.

For young beginners, most hunters would recommend the proverbial squirrel hunt as a means to introduce youngsters into hunting. However, one might argue that hog hunting with kids is, by far, the best outdoor pursuit to properly introduce them in a way that will leave them looking forward to their next hunting trip.

Here are five reasons why hog hunting with kids is one of the best beginner hunting experiences out there.

Hunt with a Purpose

Hunting is much more than trekking into the woods and shooting an animal. It is vitally important to teach children that there is a broader purpose to hunting—to harvest meat, protect crops or control an invasive species like wild hogs.

Hog hunting with kids is a great way to have fun in the woods, but in order to truly teach them about hunting, it is important to make sure they know why they are hunting. For the majority of the United States, hog hunting is needed to control an already exploding population of invasive species that can do huge amounts of damage to crops and the local wildlife.

Taking an animal’s life should never be perceived as a casual outing. Most opponents to hunting mistakenly assume that hunters want to destroy nature, but in reality, hunters seek to preserve nature.

Hog hunting with kids is about more than just taking meat for food. It is a great way to teach kids about how all kinds of animals play a role in the wild.

Timing is Everything

It might be hard for some to convince a kid to come with them on a hunting trip. What makes it even more difficult is that almost every other game animal has a set season during the year in which they can be hunted.

Getting a kid excited to go deer hunting is of little use during the Spring months as they will have to wait a while before they can get in on the action. Hog hunting is completely different in most states throughout the country as it is legal year-round.

This is one of the best reasons why hog hunting with kids is one of the most ideal game species to start them out on. Hunters are able to take youngsters during warmer months of the year, which is much more comfortable to a young child than sitting in a treestand in freezing weather.

Hog Hunters Use the Coolest Gear

Most of us hunters become like kids at Christmas when a new gear item is released or when we are able to take a trip to a store that sells outdoor products. Another reason why hog hunting with kids is at the top of our list is the endless amount of gear that can be used for hog hunting—day or night.

Hog hunting with kids can be as fast, or as slow-paced as you want it to be. Sit in a blind or a treestand during the early morning hours and wait for a few hogs to wander in, or blaze through midnight trails under the moonlight and make use of some of the latest night-vision or thermal gear. There are more than enough different gear items to increase the “wow factor” when hog hunting with kids.

Another great reason why hog hunting with kids is the perfect hunting introduction is that they are free to use a smaller caliber, which is much more comfortable for shooting than high-powered rifles.

Hog Hunting is Often Action-Packed

Hog hunting is often more action-packed than deer or most other game animal species. Hog hunting with kids in an area that is bristling with large numbers of wild pigs is a great way to maximize the excitement factor that tends to draw most young hunters to want more.

Many states have no limit on the amount of hogs that can be harvested in a season or even in a day. Hog hunting with kids presents little ones with an opportunity to take shots, and miss, and shoot again more often than other game animal species.

Trophies and Legends

Kids won’t get very excited to get a shot on a world record squirrel, but a world record hog is a totally different ballgame. The prospect of seeing or getting a shot on a monster boar is part of why hog hunting with kids is a great way to stoke their imagination and let them experience a bit of trophy-fever.

There are plenty of photos, stories and magazine articles out there to get kids pumped up for a hunting trip with the prospect of encountering a giant boar. Part of what makes hunting so much fun is the excitement and lore than surrounds the hunt.

Choosing a reputable guide for your trip is a great way to get started hog hunting with kids because it can be a perfect opportunity to gather around the campfire and hear some captivating hunting stories that will get hunters of all ages stoked for the hunt.

Introducing youngsters into the wonderful world of hunting is something both kids and adults should enjoy. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider booking trip and going hog hunting with kids this year. Check out our list of hog hunting guides to plan your next trip!