Top 10 Crappie Fishing Guides for 2020

*Photo courtesy of Big Crappie Fishing Crappie fishing has long been America’s favorite panfish. Throughout the southeast and mid-western United States, crappie fishing has as much of a following as their large mouth cousins, but doesn’t quite get as much glamor. For those of us who enjoy reeling in some slabs, there are special places [...]

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Best Places for Texas Coast Fishing

As Spring and Summer approach, anglers along the Texas coast and the Gulf of Mexico are expecting a record-breaking year of saltwater angling. Fishermen and women will be loading up their fishing rods, fueling up fishing boats, and polishing their favorite lures before heading out to the warming waters of the Lone Star State. They [...]

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How To Use A Hunting Knife For Hunting & Survival

Is Hunting Knife Perfect For All Hunting And Survival Needs? Despite a sobriquet prefixed in its name, a hunting knife serves a variety of purposes when it comes to supporting hunting and surviving in the wild. This tool has been accompanying hunters, survivor enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers in their camping, hiking, surviving, and various other [...]

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How to Use a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

From supporting naturalist activities to hunting and target shooting, spotting scope is a piece of essential equipment in the list of gears of any specialized marksmen or nature enthusiast. It has been quite effective in serving a variety of purposes and activities such as bird-watching, tactical ranging, nature and scene observation, digiscoping, target shooting, among [...]

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