Finding food is one of the most critical tests when it comes to survival. Although you may endure hunger for up to three weeks, you can’tbe comfortable fasting for that long. Eating is vital for nutrient nourishment and providing energy to find your way through the trail. When people imagine the wild, they assume that animals roam around waiting to be trapped. In reality, you may not even eat deer, but rather mice and rabbits. When making traps, you ought to avoid the fancy ones; there is barely time for that, especially if you are hungry. Here is how to set snares using items from the forest.

1.     Twitch-Up Trap

While it requires some effort to construct, the twitch-up snare is one of the most effective ways of trapping animals while in the wild. It works by snapping the prey’s neck, thus eliminating the need for you to kill the animal after catching it. There are many ways of making the snare, depending on the available materials. The easiest way is to look for a sapling growing on a busy path and bend it across to the other side. Dig in two sticks into the ground and use them to hold the stem over the trail. You may then hang a noose from the sapling. The sticks should be long enough to hold the sapling firmly but small enough to release when the animal enters the loop. When your prey walks through the noose, the pressure releases the plant from the tiny sticks, which pulls back into an upright position. The movement snaps the prey’s neck. It is advantageous because the animal is pulled up into the air when they are captured. Remember to stay away from the traps you set to avoid deterring your prey.

2.     Simple Trap

Just like the name suggests, the simple snare is one of the easiest ways of catching animalswhen you need to fend for yourself. You will require a knife, a string, and a stick. Fold the line on one end over for one and half an inch. Tie the folded part loosely and thread the opposite end through the hole. Tighten the knot to prevent the string from falling through. Next, sharpen the stick and make a notch on the other end. Tie the ropeto the stick using the groove to tighten it. Now you can set up the snare in a busy trail. Place it in front of an animal’s den. Put the pointed end of the stick into the ground and poke some small sticks into the ground to keep the loop open. When the animal leaves the den, its head will be stuck in the noose, and it will be trapped.

3.     Deadfall Trap

The deadfall snare is an old method used by native Indians to kill small game. There are several ways of making such a trap, but all work under a similar principle.
  • Find a heavy object like a flat log or rock
  • Construct sticks that are strong enough to hold up the heavy object
  • Make the structure in a way that when an animal touches it, the stone or log will fall
  • Put some bait under the trap and wait for the animal to get crushed when it tries reaching out for the bait
The size you make determines the animals you can trap. Small ones are for catching mites and rats, while larger ones are for big animals. Be careful while setting up the snare because the log or rock might fall and hurt your fingers.

4.     Squirrel Trap

There are plenty of squirrels in the wild, but unfortunately, they are too fast to catch easily. In this case, the squirrel pole is the perfect shot. To make it, you will require a diagonal branch that is attached to a tree with lots of squirrel activity. You can then place some wire noses along the pole, which are about two inches in diameter. You should set the noses an inch apart on the pole. The squirrel must go through at least one of the snouts when going up or down the tree to get stuck. Make sure that the noses aren’t near the bottom or top of the tree. Otherwise, the prey might escape because it could get its feet on the ground.

5.     Bottle Fish Trap

If you have ever experienced camping, hunting or backpacking trip on a well-traveled trail, you may have noticed the presence of trash everywhere. While this is a bad thing to the environment, you will be glad about it if you are ever in a survival situation. Whenever you are stuck in the wilderness, and there is a stream where you can find fish, make use of the plastic bottles lying around. You can make a snare out of a trash can, such as plastic bottles.Cut off the top of the container and invert it into the container. Set it in the water with the open side facing the currents. Fish will swim inside but can’t get out. Now you know four easy traps you can use to catch prey in the wilderness. Remember that you should have sufficient reason to kill an animal. Unless you need the food to survive, please don’t set up these snares. Killing game is prohibited in most countries unless there is sufficient cause.