Are you wanting to plan a particularly unforgettable outdoor excursion this coming new year?

Maybe you’re an avid fisher or hunter looking for something different than your usual terrain. Or, perhaps you’re new to outdoor sports and want to know where to begin.

Whatever the case, there are some incredible fishing and hunting destinations in the world.

Make sure you browse this list of best hunting and fishing trips of 2018 so that you can put at least one on your schedule for this coming year. Read on to learn more.

1. Fly Fishing in Montana

This beautiful northern state offers some of the best fly fishing in the world, particularly in its southwestern reaches close to Yellowstone National Park. Fly fish along the Yellowstone or Madison rivers with expert guides, many of whom are Montana natives.

Venture into the Flathead Valley, home to Glacier National Park, and fly fish rivers, streams, and creeks flowing out of the Rockies themselves. Fishing trips are well-guided, affordable, and comprehensive.

Some trips will enable stays at fishing lodges or DIY camping excursions. Both are aplenty in Big Sky Country.

2. Hunting in Alberta

Alberta provides some of the best hunting territories in the world, and for good reason. Hunters will be outfitted to track mule deer, whitetail, elk, and even moose. Specialized hunting trips will focus on one species and particular regions of Canada.

Make sure you’re clear on hunting regulations before you book your next trip. We recommend participating in a tour to guarantee compliance with hunting laws.

3. Angling in the Tetons

Closely bordering Montana, the Grand Tetons keep standards high when it comes to fishing of all kinds. Angle at the foot of one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in the U.S. and bring in Mackinaw, whitefish, and trout from the clearest lakes and streams.

Special licenses are required to fish in the Tetons, as they are part of Grand Teton National Park. Make sure you are clear on these before you embark on a Teton fishing excursion.

4. Jackson Hole Fly Fishing

When it comes to world-class fishing trips, Jackson Hole offers the best.

If you want to extend your time in the Tetons, pop on over here for some fly fishing. Fish for wild trout along the Snake River and catch a glimpse of some moose, bison, and antelope along the shores while you’re at it.

Special licenses aren’t required for Jackson Hole fishing. Trips are well-guided and flexible.

5. Hunting in the Nebraska Sandhills

The Sandhills of Nebraska are an icon of the Midwest, known for their rolling sand dunes and extensive meadows.

Some hunting trips enable visitors to hunt for buffalo, while others can seek out deer, pheasants, and other bird hunting excursions. Bring your camera along to Nebraska to take in the stunning topography in addition to the game you find.

6. Alaska Hunting Trips

This state really is a wilderness, home to some of the richest game in the world. If you’re a more aggressive hunter or fisher inclined towards more rugged excursions, it’s definitely your destination.

Embark on fishing trips that offer regular supplies of ocean catch, including salmon and tuna. Or hunt Alaska’s wild terrain and bring in exotic game such as mountain goats and caribou.

Make sure you are clear on licensing before you embark on an Alaska hunting trip. Better yet, sign up for a tour and receive expert advice from a knowledgeable guide.

7. Ice Fishing in Brainerd

If you’re longing for some fishing trips this winter, look no further than Brainerd, Minnesota for some of the best ice fishing in the world.

This is a popular destination for many, so make sure you sign up for a tour or consider staying at the ice fishing resort. Fish for walleye and northern panfish, and choose from a variety of ice fishing options–including heated huts.

8. Catfish Trips in the South

Love catfish? Book a fishing trip in the southern regions of the United States for some of the best available catfish from May to August.

Some fishing trips will permit “noodling,” the art of wrestling flathead catfish from their underwater holes. Others will take a more traditional approach. Either way, enjoy fishing for these intriguing and delicious fish during warm weather in Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and beyond.

9. Roosevelt Elk Hunting in Oregon

Oregon is home to some of the biggest populations of Roosevelt elk, particularly in its western regions. They are number two on the list of most-hunted animals, second to deer.

Hunters who want to use a bow-and-arrow method can find appropriate hunting trips across Oregon for this immense animal. Bring in elk with massive racks during hunting season and experience the beauty of the Blue Mountains.

10. Tuna Fishing Trips

If you are a tuna aficionado, you won’t want to miss out on tuna fishing trips in Florida and up the northeastern coast. Sign up for a boat tour that will give you the chance to pull in fresh tuna during appropriate seasons.

Some tours offer longer, overnight boat excursions. This is a great destination for novices or visitors looking for another outdoor trip to supplement their eastern vacation.

The Best Hunting and Fishing Trips to Take in 2018

The best hunting and fishing trips are affordable, accessible, and fruitful. We kept these qualifications in mind when compiling the list of the best outdoor destinations for the coming year, whether you’re happiest on a river or in a forest.

Experience some of the best fly fishing in the world near the Rocky Mountains and Grand Tetons. Hunt deer in the Nebraska Sandhills or wild game in the great reaches of Alaska. Net tuna and catfish in the southern and sunnier portions of the U.S.

Whatever your dream fishing or hunting trip is, we can make sure it happens. At The Outdoor Trip, you’ll find extensive hunting and fishing excursions available across North America and Canada at affordable prices.

Browse our selections if you haven’t already, or start a conversation today so we can help you plan your next trip.