Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in Texas and there’s no time like night time for these game animals. Hogs are quite unlike any other wild game animal in North America and there are specific advantages to night hunts as opposed to the usual daytime route.

Some hog hunting guide services offer daytime only hunts and other offer both day and night, but we decided to compile this list of the top night hog hunting guides in Texas. Each one is different and offers their own unique style of hunting, so be sure to check out their profiles on The Outdoor Trip for more information on how to book with these night hog hunting guides.

Storm Ranch

Just a short, 30-minute drive west of Austin is Storm Ranch. This place is an absolute haven for all kinds of wildlife, including hogs. Josh Storm, owner of Storm Ranch, has hunted hogs for many years on his family’s ranch. As one of the best night hog hunting guides in the state, he will be quick to tell you that there are plenty of advantages to night hunting as opposed to day hunting.

Night Time Hog Hunting at Storm Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Storm Ranch

“Night is when hogs are most active,” says Josh. “Hogs are primarily nocturnal animals and they are much more active at night. If it’s cold outside, they’re going to lay up in the bushes during the day and wait to come out at night. Also, if it’s hot outside they will want to lay up in the bushes where it’s cooler until night time. They feel much safer at night.”

A look through Storm Ranch’s Facebook reviews confirms that this place is one of the top destinations for all kinds of hunting trips and is a great spot for an authentic Texas ranch experience. Guests can stay in the hunter’s cabin, or upgrade to the Storm Ranch Party Barn for a one of a kind experience.

Josh says that he stays booked up year-round for hog hunting trips, so be sure to call early and reserve your dates.

Ranger Creek Ranch

Ranger Creek Ranch is not your average guided hunting destination. As one of the most popular self-guided hunting services in the Lone Star State, Ranger Creek allows hunters to put their skills to the test on its sprawling ranch property located in west Texas.

Ranger Creek was established in 1990 by the Scott family and Ranell Scott now runs the hunting operation which has become one of the best places for night hog hunting in Texas.

“We let our guests hunt during the daytime or night, but we definitely encourage them to go hunting at night since that’s when the hogs are moving and feeding,” says Ranell. “We let them hunt anywhere on the property and people really love being able to roam around and test their skills.”

Ranell says that many of the guests at Ranger Creek Ranch prefer the self-guided style of hunting over fully-guided hunts since it allows them to use their own hunting and tracking skills.

Check out Ranger Creek’s free hog hunts that are offered during the summer months for a true bargain. Hunters need only pay for food and lodging. This is easily one of the best night hog hunting guides in Texas.

Texas Straight Shooter

Georgia “Buddy” Holley, owner of Texas Straight Shooter, is a true hog hunting expert and is one of the absolute best night hog hunting guides in the state.

“I’ve been tracking and running hogs for over 18 years in Texas and I can tell you that it’s unlike any other hunting you’ll ever do,” says Buddy.

Texas Straight Shooter lives up to its name since Buddy is an accomplished marksmanship instructor for the US military and enjoys helping his guests improve their own shooting and harvest some hogs in the process. He provides suppressed AR-15 rifles and thermal imaging to help locate and stalk hogs.

“It’s a real adrenaline rush when you stalk up to within 25 yards or so to a sounder group of hogs,” says Buddy.

Texas Straight Shooter is highly professional from start to finish and is easily one of the top night hog hunting guides in Texas.

Ox Ranch

Ox Ranch is one of the best night hog hunting guides in Texas, but they are known for having a number of other wild game species to go after. The guides at Ox Ranch employ a tactic they like to refer to as “drive-by shootings” in which hunters will ride around the ranch in off-road vehicles and locate hogs before unloading on them in hot pursuit.

Night time Pig Hunting at Ox Hunting Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Ox Hunting Ranch

Ox Ranch has dozens of different exotic game animal species roaming their 18,000 acres of property, but they are known for being one of the best night hog hunting guides around. Guides use no lighting during their hunts to help clients gain the element of surprise on hogs. Ox Ranch provides everything you need from weapons to lodging and meals. This is one of the best night hog hunting guides you’ll find anywhere.

Boar Creek Ranch

Boar Creek Ranch specializes in providing clients with top notch experiences as one of the best night hog hunting guides in Texas. Boar Creek guides employ state-of-the-art thermal equipment for hunting in a blind, or spot-and-stalk style.

This is one of the most highly reviewed hog hunting guide services in Texas and for good reason. Their website contains a full page of hunter testimonials from people who will attest to the fact that this is one of the best night hog hunting guides anywhere. Guests can enjoy a little fishing on the Boar Creek Ranch property during their stay, but hogs are the main attraction and Boar Creek is among the absolute best night hog hunting guides in Texas.