As avid smallmouth bass fishermen, we are all trying to catch the trophy smallmouth bass that live deep inside of the rivers and lakes we fish. The top five rivers that could hold your trophy smallmouth bass are New River, Detroit River, St. Lawrence River, Snake River, and Columbia River. We are going to help plan your next smallmouth bass fishing trip to these great locations that not only offer great fishing, but they also offer awe-inspiring views. One of them is even located in a bustling downtown.

1. New River (Virginia)

New River Virginia Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Located deep inside of Virginia, New River is home to some of the most exotic freshwater fish in the greater United States. The New River is known for muskie and smallmouth bass. You, also, might get lucky and catch a walleye, largemouth bass, or a catfish. Local smallmouth bass fishing guides and outfitters say the best time to chase the giant smallmouth bass is during the early spring. While fishing, you will normally catch three to four pound smallies all year round but during the spring there is a good possibility you will hook into a six to seven pound bass. Catching bigger fish is what sets the New River apart from all the others. Fishing the New River will not disappoint any type of smallmouth bass fisherman. If you want to have the greatest chance to catch “The Big One” your best bet would be to come here. Before you leave, you will need to contact the local smallmouth bass fishing outfitters to find out which baits work the best to catch smallmouth bass.

2. Detroit River (Michigan)

Detroit River Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Known over the years as the river for smallies and wallies (Smallmouth and walleyes), the Detroit River is worth your time. It may seem strange to think that the river that divides Detroit from Canada is a good place to fish, but it actually is. One of the best places to fish the Detroit River is in view of the Joe Louis Arena, right downtown. This river is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the United States because it is home to some of the rockiest shores and river banks in the United States, which makes it the perfect river for smallmouth bass.  The fish love rocky surfaces because it gives them a place to hide out and wait for prey.  You will be able to catch your days’ worth of smallmouth bass by using a jig with a plug or a crawfish lure along the rocks.

3. St. Lawrence River (New York)

St Lawrence River Smallmouth Bass Fishing
St Lawrence River is a part of one of the largest fisheries in all of the United States.    Stretching two miles wide with a maximum depth of 200 feet, and connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, this river provides plenty of fishing opportunities.    The St. Lawrence River is home to many islands, such as Goose Island and Wellesley Island, which attract smallmouth bass year-round.    A popular site in the early part of the season is the Moses-Saunders Power Dam where any type bait works well.  Spinner baits, plastic worms, and even live bait such as crawfish or worms can yield an endless catch of smallmouth.   While the St. Lawrence River may not carry the four to five pound size as other similar lakes, it’s a great place to fish any time of the year and you will catch your share of smallmouth.  Before you leave for your trip, you will want to contact one of the local smallmouth bass fishing outfitters and guides to help you locate the best spots

4. Snake River (Oregon, Idaho)

Snake River Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Most of the northwestern part of the United States is known for salmon, trout, and steelhead fishing, but if you ask any local smallmouth fishing outfitter or guide they will most likely disagree. The Northwest is home to some of the best smallmouth fishing rivers in the United States. The Snake River in Idaho and Oregon is home to some of the most abundant smallmouth bass fisheries in the United States. Outfitters will tell you that you won’t be able to catch the monsters like you want but, instead, fishermen will be rewarded with plenty of 12-18 inch smallmouth bass. Before you head to the Snake River call a local smallmouth bass fishing outfitter or guide so you can get equipped with the proper fishing gear for the season. Fishery managers don’t expect any big changes to the overall population of smallmouth. But fishing in the Snake River is one trip that you sure don’t want to pass up.

5. Columbia River (Washington)

Columbia River Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Similar to the other rivers in the Northwest, the smallmouth bass don’t get as big as they do in  rivers in the eastern part of the United States. Fish in the Columbia River take many years to get large in size but there is a huge population of smallmouth bass. With the high population of smallmouth bass, it makes the Columbia River one of the best in the nation. Many local smallmouth bass fishing outfitters will suggest that every smallmouth bass you catch should be released back to the river so the fish can grow to “trophy size” and keep the population up. With the Columbia River being deeper than the average river the best bait to use would be a simple jig that you could be dragged from the deeper parts of the river and kept at the bottom so it would bring the smallmouth bass in. Crankbaits and spinner baits work just as well.

We, here at The Outdoor Trip, hope this article has given you a few ideas for your next fishing trip and that we can assist you in all of your fishing expeditions. .. We wish you a safe and successful fishing trip. If you have a favorite river for smallmouth bass, please feel free to share it in the comments.