Being one of the most popular fish to eat, walleye send the most avid fisherman searching for a great walleye fishing trip location. There are many states to take a walleye fishing trip. The best being Michigan. Following is Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Ohio. We will help you plan your next walleye fishing trip to one of these next locations.


Having the most freshwater access than any other state gives Michigan an advantage over any other state. The lakes on the east side of Michigan are known for there high walleye population. Many fishermen plan walleye fishing trips to Michigan year after year and are rarely disappointed.

Lake Erie:

Fishing the walleye mecca of the world is an all year round fishing hole. Every year there are millions of walleye taken every from the lake and there is never a shortage of them. Many walleye fishermen will use Perfect 10’s, or Reef Runners to catch the walleye. Many big walleyes have been pulled out of Lake Erie in the past years. In Michigan waters, in the summer it can get difficult to fish at times when the water temperature gets too hot. When the water temperature gets to hot, the walleye move to colder water in Ohio. Ice fishing on Lake Erie is very common for walleye fishermen too. Lake Erie is a great place to take a fishing trip to catch good size walleye and many of them.

Saginaw Bay:

Fishermen love coming to “The Bay” because of the high walleye population. Saginaw Bay holds a lot of walleye but unlike Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay doesn’t have the same sized walleye. Using the same lures as you would on Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay will only yield a few walleye over 25 inches long. Fishermen love coming to Saginaw Bay for walleye fishing trips because you can catch your limit of legal walleye in an hour roughly. This is a great walleye fishing trip for an avid walleye fishermen.

St. Mary’s River:

The St. Mary’s River located in the northernmost part of Michigan is split into two different sections by the Soo Locks. When fishing for walleye on the St. Mary’s River you have to fish on the lower part of the river or you won’t have that good of a fishing trip. The St. Mary’s River doesn’t have the size and amounts like Lake Erie but just being up in the northern part of Michigan and watching the freighter boats pass by going to the Soo make this River special. In 2013, a professional walleye tournament was held and the winner won the tournament with a five fish total of just under 29-pounds. It was almost a six-pound average, which is a good healthy size for walleyes. Fishing the St. Mary’s River is a good walleye fishing trip for the more experienced walleye fishermen.

Detroit River:

Ever since any fishermen was little kid, we all first learned how to jig for fish. Let it be for panfish like bluegill or nice sized bass. Not many avid fishermen know that on the Detroit River it is very common to catch a lot of walleye by jigging for them. It is important while planning a walleye fishing trip to have a fish finder on your boat. In order to jig for them, it is best to know where the fish are located at and then start fishing near them. Also when planning a walleye fishing trip here it is a great idea to contact a local walleye outfitter to know where to start fishing and where to look for walleye. This is another great river to plan your next walleye fishing trip too.


Known for many inland lakes and connection to the Lake Michigan gives Wisconsin plenty of places to fish for walleyes. Fishermen love coming to Wisconsin for walleye fishing trips for all the different places to find walleye.

St. Louis River:

Walleye fishing in the St. Louis River can be tough at moments. The walleye normally stay Lake Superior but when it is time to spawn they move into the St. Louis River. Depending on water temperature walleyes are normally moving out of the St. Louis River in August. Most local walleye outfitters will tell you to use trolling rigs, crank baits, and similar to the Detroit River jigging. The St. Louis River is special for walleye fishing because of the quality of the walleyes. Avid walleye fishermen should plan walleye fishing trips here during the spawning season to catch the big walleyes the St. Louis River has to offer.

Lake Michigan:

With Lake Michigan being as big as it there are plenty of places to plan a walleye fishing trip too. Similar to the other side of the lake (Michigan Side) there are places like Lake Macatawa, which during the fall walleyes flood into the little inlet lake and will stage. Any inlet lake coming off of Lake Michigan will home walleye. Fishing Lake Michigan for walleye isn’t known as a great time but if you can find the correct inlet lake it hold many walleyes and makes a great walleye fishing trip.

Lake Winnebago:

A few years ago Lake Winnebago got rid of their walleye size law/rule. Making it legal to keep any walleye a fisherman thinks is big enough to keep. Making the overall walleye population to take a big hit these past years. Still, there are plenty of walleye to be caught in the Lake. There are plenty of fishing still being raised still, so if you are willing to go home with 13 or 15-inch walleye this is a good walleye fishing trip for you.

North Dakota

Between Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Dakota either one of those states could be at the top of the list. Devil’s Lake could be one of the best lakes for a walleye fishing trip known to all fishermen. Either way, there is no shortage in reason why North Dakota is a great place to take a walleye fishing trip.

Devil’s Lake:

Devil’s Lake may sound scary but it sure doesn’t scare any fishermen off. It is home to some of the best walleye and pike fishing in the United States. Many anglers come from afar to walleye fish at Devil’s Lake. Walleye fishing on Devils Lake is good all year, the best time to go is when the water temperature drops around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The bigger walleyes will come up into shallower water when the temperature starts to drop. Another good walleye fishing trip is during the winter, ice fishing on Devils Lake is a hot commodity when it comes to walleye fishing. This is one location that you can not pass up if you have the chance to take a walleye fishing trip.

Lake Oahe:

Created by the Oahe Dam on the Missouri River, Lake Oahe is home to a high population of walleye ranging in all different sizes. It is the fourth largest man-made lake in the United States. Local walleye outfitters say that walleye in Lake Oahe hang around the reefs and drop-offs. There isn’t one true way that will catch give you the best success, anything set up or rig will work. What makes Lake Oahe a great place to go on a walleye fishing trip is all the access points to unload your boat into the water. This is a great place to take a walleye fishing trip.

Lake Sakakawea:

When you ask any type of fishing angler why Lake Sakakawea is special they will tell you it is a hot spot for walleyes. Lake Sakakawea brings in anglers from all over the area to come fish for walleyes. During the spawn and post spawn, is the best time to plan a walleye fishing trip to Lake Sakakawea. McKenzie Bay during the spawn is a great place to use Smelt Minnows to catch Walleyes. Once fall hits, the jigging season is on for walleyes. This is one walleye fishing trip that, any avid walleye fishermen will not want to pass up.


Minnesota with many different places to fish for walleye makes it a great place to take a walleye fishing trip. With easy access to the St. Louis River and a great walleye lake like Lake of the Woods. There are many reasons why Minnesota is great to take your next walleye fishing trip.

St. Louis River:

Very similar to how you would fish the St. Louis River from Wisconsin. Minnesota holds a bigger population of walleyes, along with other fish like Muskie, and northern pike. It is the farthest point the river to the north. Which means great ice fishing during the winter. During the spawning time or during the winter, this is one walleye location to take a great walleye fishing trip to.

Lake of the Woods:

It might have a weird a name but this lake has a lot to offer. Many trophy walleyes have been caught and taken from Lake of the Woods. Local walleye outfitters call it the walleye capital of the world. It doesn’t matter what you use crank baits or night crawlers you will always be able to catch walleye. The thing that makes Lake of the Woods special is that you can catch fish all year around and even the ice fishing is amazing. The Lake of the Woods is an amazing play to book your next walleye fishing trip.

Cut Foot Sioux Lake:

Another weirdly named lake in the heartland of Minnesota 660 acre lake, that has a high migration of walleyes. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has increased the limit of walleyes from five fish to six. On average, the fish range from 18-23 inches in length. Jigging works the best once the temperature turns colder. During the summer months the walleyes, hide out in the deeper waters where it is colder. Just like most of the lakes in Minnesota, Cut Foot Sioux Lake freezes over in the winter and leads to great walleye fishing in the winter months. Cut Foot Sioux Lake is one walleye fishing trip that no avid walleye fishermen will want to pass up.


With easy access to Lake Erie, Ohio has the best fishery for walleye at its disposal. La Due Reservoir is an underrated place to catch walleye. Still making the state of Ohio a great place to book your next walleye fishing trip.

Lake Erie:

Very similar to the Michigan waters of Lake Erie, it holds over 33 million (Estimated) walleye in the past several years. During the summer months, when the Michigan waters get too hot the walleye come to the Ohio side where it is deeper and sink to the bottom of the lake. Most local walleye outfitters will say Reef Runners and Perfect 10’s that will suspend down and target the bigger walleye on the bottom of the lake. Any local walleye outfitter will tell you that Lake Erie is the best spot for a walleye fishing trip in the state of Ohio because of the big walleye population.

Berlin Lake:

It has been a concurrent theme that jigging brings will bring home your limit of walleyes. That is no different than the technique used to fish for walleye on Berlin Lake. Walleye fishermen also love to troll with spoons. Berlin Lake has high population of walleye. The population of walleye varies in size but you can always find the big ones in the Berlin Lake. One of the drawbacks to Berlin Lake it is a popular tourist lake, so it can get a little hairy at times on the lake. It also means, there are many places to put your boat in the water. Berlin Lake is a good place for a walleye fishing trip for the walleye population and the easy access to boat docks.

La Due Reservoir:

If you own a boat less than 18-foot long this is the walleye fishing trip for you. La Due Reservoir has a law saying no boats can be bigger than 18-foot long. La Due Reservoir isn’t very deep 12 to 15-feet. Jigging is a great way to catch walleye near drop-offs. Local walleye outfitters will be able to hook you up with the correct colors and supplies needed for a successful walleye fishing trip. La Due Reservoir is special for a walleye fishing trip because it is a small lake and is easily accessible even for people with a smaller boat.

Hopefully, through any of these lakes or states that were highlighted, you will find interest in one of them. We can assist you in setting up your next walleye fishing trip. Start searching our directory of trips today here.