Blue marlin are among the most sought after game fish in the world—and for good reason. They can grow up to several hundred pounds and are one of the most spectacular ocean creatures to witness on the end of a line. Blue marlin have been an iconic image for the American fishing scene in the last century and were brought into the spotlight with written works from the likes of Ernest Hemingway who romanticized catching monstrous blue marlin from the Carribbean in the first half of the 1900’s.

For most anglers, finding a great place to catch blue marlin means taking a trip out of the country, but we’ve done the research and put together a list of the best blue marlin fishing guides for 2019 that are located inside the United States.

Mexican Gulf Fishing 

Based in Venice, Louisiana, Mexican Gulf Fishing has access to some of the most pristine fishing waters in the western hemisphere. It isn’t hard for these guys to find some huge blue marlin or even yellowfin tuna lurking in the waters surrounding Venice. Mexican Gulf Fishing takes their clients to the reefs and oil rigs dotting the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline in search of giant fish. They enjoy warm weather throughout most of the year and offer year-round fishing trips. With 10 experienced captains, and some of the best boats on the water, Mexican Gulf makes sure you have an adventure you won’t forget.

Tails Up Offshore Fishing

It’s hard to find a better area inside the United States to catch blue marlin than Venice, Louisiana. Tails Up Offshore Fishing is owned by Capt. Donnie Jackson who says his passion is blue marlin fishing and getting his clients hooked up with the biggest ones in the Gulf. Capt. Donnie’s guide service might not be the biggest one on our list of the best blue marlin guides, but his customer service and professionalism are second to none. We challenge you to find someone who loves marlin fishing more than this guy.

Champion Charters 

Another guide service based out of Venice, Louisiana that focuses on giant marlin and tuna is Champion Charters. With access to the deep waters that tend to be home to blue marlin and tuna, Champion Charters offers full-service guide trips, as well as lodging for guests. Champion Charters has two of the fastest boats in the Gulf, which means they get on the fish quicker than most guides. This friendly and professional guide service is perfect for someone looking to catch some huge fish without having to leave the country.

High Stakes Charters

Key West, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and offers ideal fishing weather for most of the year. It’s not hard to fathom why many anglers take a trip to the southernmost tip of Florida in search of blue marlin. High Stakes Charters specializes in blue marlin fishing trips and also runs marlin fishing tournaments that are open to the public. A trip to Key West should be on every fisherman’s bucket list and High Stakes Charters is one of the best places in the country to offer great rates and unforgettable experiences.

Super Strike Charters 

If you’re looking to find big fish, this is the spot. Based in the famous fishery town of Venice, Louisiana, Super Strike Charters takes pride in their ability to find monster blue marlin and tuna and get them to the boat. In addition to offering great deep sea fishing, clients can also take advantage of plenty of inshore fishing opportunities, or even a duck hunting trip. Super Strike Charters offers a top notch crew that operates four boats.

Orange Beach Saltwater Fishing Guides 

There is no limit to what Orange Beach Saltwater Fishing Guides offer when it comes to a trip on the water, but they do go out many miles offshore to find blue marlin for the clients determined to catch them. Orange Beach, Alabama might not be the first place someone thinks of when blue marlin come to mind, but these guys are able to go 100+ miles offshore and find giant blue marlin anytime of the year. Orange Beach Saltwater Fishing Guides also has trips for inshore fishing and plenty of other species to target. This guide service is perfect for the angler who wants to find blue marlin, but doesn’t want to go too far to get them.

Tuna Duck

The shores along Hatteras, North Carolina used to be well-known for being one of the best blue marlin destinations in the United States. Despite what some anglers think about the state of blue marlin fishing today, this area is still teeming with blues if you know where to go and find them. Tuna Duck guide service offers trips especially focused on blue marlin and many other species of fish that swim around the North Carolina coast. This is one of the most professional guide services you’ll find and Tuna Duck takes pride in upholding a reputation as one of the best fishing guides in this part of the country.

Marlin Hunter Guide Service

Pensacola Beach, Florida is known for it’s white, sandy beaches and plenty of fish to be found in the waters. Marlin Hunter Guide Service’s name speaks for itself when it comes to finding and catching blue marlin in this part of the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola might not be close to marlin fishing grounds, but Marlin Hunter takes special care to make sure they put their clients in some of the best spots to catch marlin in the Gulf.

Captain Moes Lucky Fleet

Luck is usually on the side of Captain Moe, hence the name of his guide service. However, a trip with this crew will have you convinced that there’s just as much skill as there is luck to go around. Located in sunny Key West, Florida, Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet is well-known among serious anglers looking to get in on the blue marlin action and any other fish they want to catch. Moe has been fishing the waters of Key West for more than 30 years and his expertise is second to none.

Voodoo Fishing Charters

Every now and then you might feel like you need a little luck to find the fish or set a hook. The success of Voodoo Fishing Charters might make you think twice about the possibility that these guys are just too good at finding fish.  Based in Venice, Louisiana, Voodoo Charters knows all the best spots to find giant blue marlin that like to hang out in the deep waters near Venice. If you’re looking to see how far you can bend a rod, this is the place to go. Voodoo Charters is skilled at getting their clients on monster tuna and marlin and making sure they have an unforgettable experience.