Photo Courtesy of Blue Cat Guide Service

Blue Cat Guide Service

Located in the heart of catfish country, Blue Cat Guide Service is known as one of the best catfishing guides in the country. Owner, and US Coast Guard-licensed Captain Bob Crosby fishes the Mississippi River’s deep holes, deep channels, ledges and drop-offs for big blues. If it’s trophy blue cats you’re after, Blue Cat Guide Service is the answer.

Ship’s Guide Service

Giant catfish is what Ship’s Guide Service is all about. Captain Steve Shipley has been fishing big catfish his whole life. He guided at Santee-Cooper for 20 years where he became well-known for his catfishing skills and he’s also been featured in In-Fisherman Magazine, Bob Redfern Outdoors Magazine Show, and many other outdoor news outlets. He now guides catfishing trips on the Tennessee River.

Santee Cajun Guide Service

Santee Cajun Guide Service has been in business for over 20 years and is perfect for family outings, or trips for serious catfish anglers. Based on Santee-Cooper Lake, Santee Cajun Guide Service is on top of some of the nation’s best catfishing spots in this South Carolina fishing haven. The large pontoon boat makes this one great for larger groups looking to catch some cats.

Orion Fishing Charters

Based in Atlanta, Orion Fishing Charters guides trips on Georgia’s Allatoona, Etowah and Coosa Rivers. Orion isn’t just limited to catfishing and also provides trips for other species of fish on their home waters. This one is great for someone looking to get on some of Georgia’s biggest catfish, or take an enjoyable outing with the kids.

Kyle’s Catfishing Guide Service

Located in South Carolina, Kyle’s Catfishing Guide Service specializes in catching the monster cats that roam Santee-Cooper Lakes. US Coast Guard-licensed Captain Jim Kyle has been fishing these waters since 1974 and knows every nook and cranny where giant catfish like to hide. Check out their website for some of the recent catches and you’ll see why this one is on our list of the best catfishing guides for 2019.

Stan Kuhn Guide Service

Texas’ Lake Fork is well-known as a bass angler’s haven, but Stan Kuhn knows it for its catfishing opportunities. Stan is one of the only catfishing guides on Lake Fork, but you’ll quickly see that this lake is one of the most underrater catfishing hotspots in the United States. Book a combo duck hunting and catfishing trip to really enjoy a Texas Cast n’ Blast.

Rend Lake Catfish Guides

Rend Lake Catfish Guides is one of the best in the country at catching catfish. Whether it be noodling or on rod and reel, Nick Shafer is an expert on putting his clients on monster catfish. Based in southern Illinois, this one is great for catfishing anglers looking to get above the Mason-Dixon line and go after some huge catfish.

Big TN Adventures

Tennessee is well-known as one of the best locations in the country for big catfish. Big TN Adventures targets trophy catfish and guides noodling trips, as well as rod and reel. These guides are great for fishing with kids or seasoned catfish anglers looking to catch some Tennessee monster cats.

Catfish Killer Guide Service

The name says it all for Catfish Killer Guide Service. Based in Texas’ Lake Conroe, Catfish Killer is known for sending clients home with a mess of blue and channel catfish. Darrell Taylor is known for catching the biggest catfish in Lake Conroe on a regular basis and this trip is perfect for anglers of all ages.

Blackwater Cats Outfitter

Manitoba’s Red River is teeming with giant catfish and beautiful scenery for anyone looking for a Canada catfishing excursion. Donovan Pearase knows how to put his clients on giant catfish that typically average 20 pounds. Blackwater Cats Outfitter also fishes the waters around Lockport and Selkirk and will surprise you with the size of the cats in those Canada waters.

Capital Catfishing

A quick glance at Capital Catfishing’s website and Facebook page is probably enough to encourage any serious catfishing enthusiast to give this one a go. Captain Jason Kitner is a serious catfishing expert who has caught some mammoth blue cats on the Potomac River.

Captain Catfish

Located in Missouri, Captain Catfish owner John Trager is a laid back guy who has a knack for catching catfish. This one is perfect if you’re looking to take a trip to fish the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, as well as Clinton Lake, which are all known for producing some of the biggest catfish in this portion of the country.