There is no denying that the whitetail deer is America’s favorite big game trophy animal. In nearly every corner of the United States, hunters take to the woods during the autumn season in search of trophy whitetail deer.

While vast stretches of public land might offer plenty of hunting area, it is often difficult to harvest a trophy deer in these heavily pressured hunting areas. Many hunters take their time to plan trophy whitetail deer hunts in some of the country’s most promising destinations. Trophy whitetail deer hunts can vary in pricing depending on the guide service and hunting location, but most hunters will agree that in order to bag the buck of a lifetime, guided whitetail hunts are the way to go for a trophy.

We have compiled a list of the best states for trophy whitetail deer hunts in the United States. In each state, we list the top guided trophy whitetail hunts with detailed information on each guide. There is careful analysis that must be done to incorporate the success rate, regional data, and record book kills in order to produce an accurate list of guided whitetail deer hunts.

Here is our list of the top 5 trophy whitetail deer hunts in the United States. This list is sure to help hunters find the best locations for guided whitetail deer hunts.

5. Texas

South Texas is widely known for having some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunts—especially in the area known as the “Golden Triangle,” located in Dimmit, LaSalle, Maverick, Zavala, and Webb counties. This area is popular for its public land hunting opportunities, as well as guided whitetail hunting trips.

Outdoorsmen will have no trouble finding trophy whitetail deer hunts in this mecca of Texas whitetail hunting, but one guide service stands out among the rest.

Vaughn Ranch is located in the heart of south Texas’ Golden Triangle and is well-known for its guided whitetail deer hunts. The popular guide service offers a premier trophy whitetail hunts in a free-range environment where hunters are in pursuit of wild bucks on a guided whitetail deer hunt.

The guides at Vaughn Ranch pride themselves on offering an authentic south Texas guided whitetail deer hunt. The climate and environment in and around Vaughn Ranch create an ideal location for whitetail bucks to grow into giants in both body and antler size. According the their website, bucks on Vaughn Ranch are born and bred in south Texas and can get as big as just about anywhere in the country.

Vaughn Ranch may clock in at number 5 on our list of the best guided whitetail deer hunts in the country, but many hunters would have it at number 1.

4. Kentucky

The Bluegrass State is home to American icon Daniel Boone who helped shape the world of hunting and is part of the namesake of the Boone and Crockett Club, a nonprofit organization that advocates for fair chase hunting and conservation. In recent years, Kentucky has enjoyed flying under the radar of most hunters in being one of the best kept secrets when it comes to producing trophy whitetail. Now, that reputation is starting to garner much attention and the secret seems to have gotten out about Kentucky trophy whitetail deer hunts.

Kentucky is full of some of the best public hunting land in the United States, but there are also numerous guide services specializing in trophy whitetail deer hunts. One service in particular in head and shoulders among others in the state. Premier Outfitters offers the most outstanding guided trophy whitetail deer hunts in western Kentucky.

Premier Outfitter states clearly on their website that the service is “Kentucky’s best deer hunting—period.” The company lives up to that reputation in both professionalism and results. By combining farmlands, genetics, and the perfect blend of habitat, Premier Outfitters have honed the process of harvesting and hosting trophy whitetail deer hunts down to a science.

Pricing for guided whitetail deer hunts will vary in this region, but Kentucky is one of the more budget-friendly states for guided whitetail hunts. Premier Outfitters offers specialized guided whitetail hunting trips that target bucks in velvet, pre-rut, rut and different rates for specific weapon seasons.

Premier Outfitters of western Kentucky is certainly one of the best guided whitetail hunts in the country. With the number of giant bucks that have recently been harvested in the past decade, Kentucky might be on its way to the top of the list of guided whitetail hunting trips in the near future.

3. Indiana

The state of Indiana is prime location for trophy whitetail deer hunts as it offers plenty of farmland and heavily wooded areas. There are dozens of top guide services that offer trophy whitetail deer hunts, but X Factor Whitetails is at the top of the list.

Located in Peru, Indiana, X Factor Whitetails offers some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunts of anywhere in the country. The guide service is named after one of the most legendary whitetails ever that was freakishly large. X Factor had a record-breaking 509 6/8” SCI score, making it one of the largest bucks ever taken.

X Factor Whitetails boasts the coveted genetics of the famed buck, as well as luxury hunting ranch accomodations in Indiana and Ohio. This company is sure to offer the best guided whitetail hunting trips in the state of Indiana, as well as some of the best in the country.

The midwest offers some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunts in the country, and Indiana is teeming with great companies that specialize in guided whitetail deer hunts. For hunters of all ages and experience levels, a trip to Indiana’s X Factor Whitetails is among the best guided whitetail hunting trips in the country.

2. Kansas

The rolling hills of southeast Kansas is home to some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the state. Kansas is well-known for producing giant whitetail deer due to ideal climate and vast stretches of farmlands. Many guide services in this part of the country offer trophy whitetail deer hunts in both fenced and free-range hunting scenarios, but Xtreme Hunts has recently expanded its operation into Bourbon and Crawford counties, which are known as two of the top counties in the state for guided whitetail deer hunts.

In recent years, Kansas has quickly rocketed to the top of the list in producing giant trophy whitetail bucks. Xtreme Hunts perfected their methods in their original location in the famed Pike County, Illinois and has since brought that guiding expertise in trophy whitetail deer hunts to Kansas. Xtreme Hunts offers some of the best free-range trophy deer hunting in the world and is an easy addition to our list of the best guide services in the nation.

The Top State for Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

1. Illinois

Hands down, the best destination for trophy whitetail deer hunts is Pike County, Illinois—widely considered to be the mecca of deer hunting. This county is chock-full of guide services, but the famous Hadley Creek Outfitters offers the best hunting experience in Illinois, as well as some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunts in the United States. Hadley Creek Outfitters guides are so confident in their abilities to offer the best guided whitetail deer hunts that they are paid only when clients harvest a trophy buck.

Hadley Creek began in 1997 and has since grown into one of the most well-known guided whitetail hunts in the world. The company offers one-hundred percent free-range hunting and still manages to provide the best trophy whitetail deer hunts in the country.

According to Hadley Creek Outfitters’ website, the guide service more than 150 bucks that have scored over the 170 mark. Handley Creek has a no-guaranteed kill policy, but the service is sure to provide the chance of a lifetime to venture out on one of the best destinations for trophy whitetail deer hunts in the world.

Each one of these locations has something different to offer, making it special to every deer hunter. The important thing is to get out in the woods, have a little fun and harvest a trophy whitetail.  We hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, and hope that on your next trophy whitetail deer hunting trip you not only enjoy harvesting a trophy deer, but also enjoy the memories that are made while enjoying the outdoors. Here at The Outdoor Trip, we hope we can assist you in booking your next whitetail deer hunting trip to one of these five locations. If it’s a trip across the country or a hunting trip in your backyard we can help find the perfect whitetail deer hunting guide or outfitter to make your deer hunting trip a memorable one.