Feral hogs in the United States are wreaking havoc on the native landscape and animal species. As their numbers grow to epidemic proportions in many parts of the southeast and Texas, they leave a swath of damage in their wake that is unlike any other left by an invasive species.

Traditional hunting has done little to stave off the invasion of hogs as they continue to repopulate at an astounding rate. Texas is at the forefront of the battle against wild hogs and has reporting millions of dollars in damage each year due to hogs. A few years ago, state legislators got together with farmers and others who have a vested interest in the Lone Star State’s lands and came up with a solution to the problem.

Aerial depredation is a new approach that is helping many farmers reclaim their lands. For the state, the benefits are also paying off in the form of a new, unique kind of tourist attraction—helicopter hog hunting.

People are coming from all over the world for an outdoor experience unlike any other. Dozens of companies are capitalizing on this new form of hunting by employing expert pilots and hunting guides who combine their efforts to provide a hunting experience that is unforgettable. The best part is that the new method of aerial depredation is actually helping to control the wild hog population and stop it from spreading through many parts of the state.

Now that helicopter hog hunting is becoming widely popular in the state of Texas, there have been hundreds of videos released on the internet that showcase just how awesome of an experience this is for hunters. We decided to go through the helicopter hog hunting videos we have seen so far and compile this list of the top five, in no particular order. If you’re like us and interested in booking a helicopter hog hunting trip with any one of the guides featured in these videos, you can check out their profiles on The Outdoor Trip and book your trip.

Helicopter Hog Hunt Slow Mo Kill Shots – It’s a Wonderful World

This video comes from the great state of Texas where one hunter documents his trip with Cedar Ridge Aviation. Most of the helicopter hog hunting videos we list might make this style of hunting seem as easy as point and shoot, but any guide or hunter will tell you that it requires a high level of marksmanship to hit your target.

This particular video is set to the famous Louis Armstrong song, It’s a Wonderful World. The footage is shown in slow motion, which really highlights how tough it can be to hit a moving target while you’re in a helicopter. The article mentions how Cedar Ridge approaches all of their hunts with safety being their number one priority. This is one of the most unique helicopter hog hunting videos we’ve found and it’s perfect for showcasing some great shots while also giving novice hunters an idea of how far to lead their target.

Helicopter Feral Hog Hunting in Texas

This is one of the best helicopter hog hunting videos we’ve been able to find. It is produced by a company called Critical Angle and begins with a short interview in which a Texas farmer tells of the pure destruction wild hogs can do on local farmlands, while also noting the effectiveness of helicopter hog hunting in controlling the hog population.

This is one of those helicopter hog hunting videos that is great from start to finish and includes everything from some good music and great footage to firsthand details about helicopter hog hunting and why it’s helping Texas farmers reclaim their land from wild pigs. The video takes you along on a helicopter hog hunt and shows just what you can expect if you do take to the skies with a company like Veracity Aviation.

Heli Hog Hunting with Garand Thumb and Last Shadow

If we were ranking the helicopter hog hunting videos in this article, it would be hard not to put this one toward the very top. This video a masterfully produced by TRex Arms and takes you on a trip with Lucas Botkin and Garand Thumb.

The video begins with a thorough explanation of how and why aerial depredation is so effective before delving into some great, action-packed footage of a helicopter hunt. The footage shows both hunters, as well as a first-person view of the action to give viewers a great perspective of just what to expect on a helicopter hog hunting trip. This is one of the best helicopter hog hunting videos out there and it’s definitely worth the 10 minutes you’ll spend watching it.

Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas | Skyhunter Outfitters LLC

Out of the many helicopter hog hunting videos we watched in our search for the absolute best videos, this one sticks out mainly for two reasons. One, it gets right to the action and shows Skyhunter Outfitters guides getting hunters right on a large group of hogs. Two, these hunters display some pretty impressive marksmanship in taking out most of the hogs in each group, which is no easy task despite how it may appear.

Skyhunter Outfitters is a well-known service based in Texas and the video also shows how much a skilled helicopter pilot helps in providing a successful hunt. This one is just over two minutes long, but is definitely on our list of the top helicopter hog hunting videos.

203 Hogs and 100 Coyotes Helicopter Hunt with Pork Choppers Aviation

Last, but certainly not least on our list of the absolute best helicopter hog hunting videos is this one from Pork Choppers Aviation. As you might have guessed, this footage shows hunters taking down a whopping number of hogs and also coyotes.

The footage is great with very nice camera angles and sound. This one is over 40 minutes long, but offers plenty of action from several different angles. While this video may appear to be overkill to those unfamiliar with the level of devastation caused by wild hogs in Texas, we can assure you that these guys have helped local farmers save untold amounts of crops by making a dent in the local hog population.