Sometimes a man needs to get back to his primal instincts- to get out into the wilderness, live off the land, and ensure not that, when his day to die comes, that he discovers that he had not lived. Or something like that.

In these times a man needs to pitch his own tent if he’s not building his own shelter out of trees and branches he personally fell. He must eat only what he can kill or gather, and drink water boiled to remove life-ending bacteria.

And other times, a man looks for something different.

He wants to sip high priced bourbon around a stacked stone fireplace while he waits for a personal chef to cook a 3-course meal. Sure, he wants to go out and rough it for a few hours while he hunts in the woods, but he wants to come home and sleep in a bed with silk sheets and a memory foam mattress.

During these times, a man needs to stay in a luxury hunting lodge.

Luxury hunting lodges are basically 5-star hotels that you stay in while you experience world-class hunting. They bring together a beautiful dichotomy of primal manliness and timeless luxury that creates a relaxing and exciting outdoor excursion.

And, of course, some of the best luxury hunting lodges in the world are right here in the Lonestar State of Texas.

So, today we’re going to talk about a couple of our favorite Luxury Hunting Lodges in Texas, and by the end of this article you’ll be planning your next trip.

The Ox Ranch

When people think of hunting in Texas, they think of monster whitetail deer, wild hogs, Javelina, turkeys, and doves.

And The Ox Ranch just 2 hours west of San Antonio has all of that. Guests shoot 200-inch deer every season, fill turkey tags, and shoot doves until their shoulders are sore.

Top Texas Hunting Lodges

But if you’re looking for something different, or something a little more exotic, The Ox Ranch has that too.

Guests have the option of hunting 16 different deer species on the ranch. Of course, you have your typical giant Texas Whitetails. But you also have red stag, axis deer, fallow deer, elk, and species of deer you probably have never even heard of.

Top Texas Hunting Lodges

Have you always dreamed of hunting African plain’s game, but can’t make the trip? The Ox ranch’s 18,000 acres are home to blackbuck, wildebeest, impala, kudu, and 24 total species of antelope.

The ranch is also home to 3 species of goat, 11 species of sheep, 4 species of buffalo, kangaroos, zebras, emu, and ostriches. If you have an animal on your hunting bucket list, you can probably cross it off at Ox Ranch.

But, at Ox Ranch the luxury doesn’t die in the field.

The luxurious 6,000 square foot main lodge boasts massive stone fireplaces, an antique bar, and breathtaking vaulted ceilings. After your hunt, you and your hunting buddies can drink whiskey and lie about your day while shooting pool, dealing poker, throwing darts, or playing shuffleboard.

And if you get tired of the world class hunting, there are plenty of other high-octane activities to keep you adrenaline buzz going. You can drive a tank, shoot a machine gun, or race jet skis on the private lake. Ox Ranch has entertainment options that you won’t believe until you’re there.

But we haven’t even gotten to the best part: the food.

The farm-to-table dining options at Ox Ranch combine the wild game harvested on the ranch with organic garden grown vegetables and other locally sourced ingredients to create a 5-star dining experience.

All of this may sound too good to be true, so you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Joshua Creek

This next Texas Luxury Hunting Lodge has many similarities to our first: world class hunting land, pampering staff, luxurious accommodations. All of that is found right here.

But what Joshua Creek has, that can’t be found at any other luxury-hunting lodge in Texas, is the best wing shooting in the country.

Hunting Lodges in Texas

Joshua Creek was purchased in the late 80’s by a couple that planned to use the property as a cattle ranch, but that plan changed just two years later after they went on a driven pheasant shoot in Scotland. On that trip they realized that the land they had just purchased had the same topography and environment as the world-class pheasant hunting destinations that they had just visited across the pond.

So, the founders of Joshua Creek used their business backgrounds and passion for hunting to develop an up-scale wing-shooting destination in the heart of Texas. And through the years, their efforts have paid off.

It was voted the Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of The Year in 2018, 2017 and 2016, and is home to the back-to-back Orvis Wingshooting Guide of The Year.

Joshua Creek is open year-round for quail and upland bird hunting and European-style driven pheasant shooting. They also offer seasonal turkey, whitetail, and duck hunting, as well as axis deer hunting at any time.

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The lodge is located in the Texas Hill Country, and is sprinkled with fertile creeks, river bottoms, and wooden grass pastures surrounded by limestone bluffs, ledges, and old growth trees. The property is expertly managed to specifically to ensure the most hospitable environment for upland bird species, but this management has also led to extremely healthy populations of native animals.

Visitors to Joshua Creek often see herds of over 100 deer at a time; some of these being the monster Texas bucks that us in Alabama only dream about.

Luxury Hunting Lodges In Texas

If roughing it has started to get to rough; if you’re tired of sleeping in dusty old cabins at night while you hunt unsuccessfully, then you’re probably itching to book a trip at one of those Texas luxury hunting lodges.

Let us know if you do, and drink some of that high-priced whiskey for us.