Hog hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world as many hunters are starting to see the many different benefits to harvesting wild hogs. For most serious big game hunters, there tends to be a period each year after whitetail deer season and before turkey season when they are more or less stuck in the planning stages for the next year. Instead of waiting around for the next hunting season to begin, many outdoorsmen and women are turning to hog hunting and finding that it more than satisfies their desire for a new hunting adventure.

In most states, hog hunting can be done year-round with no bag limits and very few other restrictions regarding the harvesting of wild boar. One of the biggest draws of hog hunting is that hunters can—in many states—hunt at night. Not only can they stalk these hogs under the cover of darkness, but they are also allowed to use night vision and thermal gear, as well as some of the newest, and baddest semi-automatic rifles on the market in 2020.

Want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to go on a night time hog hunt? Here are some of the top five videos for night time hog hunting to give you a sense of just why so many hunters are quickly becoming more and more involved in the hunt for wild boar.

107 Hogs Down

Here we see some of the biggest factors of why hog hunting is becoming so popular come together in one awesome video. This video comes from Ultimate Night Vision’s Youtube channel, which features a number of videos showing some serious nighttime hunts for hogs and other critters.

The video begins with a panning shot that shows more than a hundred hogs grazing in a Texas field at night. Wild hogs have become such a nuisance to hunters that the state of Texas has removed virtually all limitations on how they can be harvested in order to help keep their numbers down and curb the devastation.

The first shot is taken and the hogs begin to scatter. Multiple shooters can be heard and the people behind the rifles show off some serious marksmanship for this night time hog hunting video. Before all is said and done, these folks manage to drop 107 feral hogs in this one video.

Night Hog Hunting with Armasight NV & Thermal Gear

This night time hog hunting video comes from legendary outdoorsman Keith Warren. The video features the Armasight night vision and thermal products and also has a segment where Keith explains his love for hunting and the many benefits of the sport, especially when it comes to hog hunting at night.

Keith joins up with a company called Night Hogs, which is located in Texas and specializes in hog eradication services. Keith takes us through the hunt from start to finish. He explains the sizable problem Texas and other states are facing when it comes to the damage caused by wild hogs to local farmers’ lands.

This is one of our favorite night time hog hunting videos because we get a lot of insight from Keith throughout the entire video on some of the finer points of hunting wild boar at night.

77 Hogs Down – Hog Hunting with Thermal Night Vision 

This one is another one of the top night time hog hunting videos that we’ve managed to find because it offers some great action shots from behind the barrel of a very skilled shooter. The video is featured on Night Hunting TV’s Youtube channel and shows off some seriously good hog hunting and shooting skills in picking off some wild boar.

According to the video’s description, this one comes from a ranch that is overrun with wild hogs. However, the hunter takes careful aim so as not to accidentally wound any farm animals that might be roaming the ranch. This is highly important to keep in mind on your next night time hog hunting trip. Despite how much fun and action-packed night time hog hunting can appear, the general safety rules that apply to hunting also apply here.

Thermal Hog Hunting – JAGER PRO

This next video comes from the hog hunting and eradication experts at JAGER PRO. This night time hog hunting video takes place in the state of Georgia, which has its fair share of problems with feral hogs and has legalized night hunting in order to help farm owners keep the numbers down on their property.

We get a great night vision shot in the beginning of the video where we can see two hunters quietly stalk into a field that’s teeming with hogs. This is important to note as most of the night time hog hunting videos you’ll find online only show the best parts and leave out the careful steps that must be taken in order to get in a good position to take out some hogs.

This one does a great job of showing off just how stealthy you really have to be to get a shot on some of these animals and is another one of our top choices for night time hog hunting videos.

Hog Hunting – The Night Watch 

Our next video comes from Outdoor Life, the magazine that many hunters subscribe to both in print and online. We are treated to a very skillfully-filmed video that explains night time hog hunting in a slightly different light. The hunters in this video set up in an abandoned silo while the last bits of daylight slips away and night covers the south Texas fields.

These hunters use a crossbow to hunt for pigs in this video and manage to add an extra level of stealth in doing so.

This one goes to show that there are plenty of different ways to take out hogs in states like Texas where they are abundant in number. The fact that these hunters show us how to get creative in hog hunting and eradication efforts is one of the main reasons we chose to include this one in our list of the best night time hog hunting videos.