The Rio Grande Turkey joins the Eastern, Osecola, and Merriam’s as the 4th species of wild turkey in the United States. Its range is from Texas and Oklahoma, to New Mexico, Utah and Oregon. Recently, birds have even been introduced to California and Hawaii.

With such a large population range, it’s no surprise that the population of Rio Grande Turkeys is very large. There are an estimated 1,000,000 wild Rio Grande Turkeys, making it the second most populous bird behind the Eastern.

But, you’re not here for a biology lesson; you’re here to learn more about hunting Rio Grande Turkeys.

Hunting Rio Grande Turkeys

Rio Grande Turkeys may be more common than Osceolas and Merriam’s, but that doesn’t mean that they’re an easy target. They are still highly intelligent, elusive birds that will make a fool out of an expert hunter.

The same typical turkey hunting tactics are employed on Rio Grande Turkey hunting trips: calls are used to locate and attract birds and decoys are used to bring them closer into range.

You can learn how to hunt Rio Grande turkeys through personal experience, but the best way to get started is to go with a turkey-hunting guide. So to help you out, here’s our 5 favorite Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Guides.

Hunt Hickory Creek

Hunt Hickory Creek is an all-inclusive outfit that hunts Rio Grande Turkeys on 34,000 acres of Kansas land in Elk County, Chautauqua County, Cowley County, and Greenwood County. They offer guided and semi-guided hunts through both archery and firearm season.

On their properties, Hickory Creek focuses on allowing turkey populations to reach maturity. Hunting pressure is minimized, and each season the number of hunters is capped.The land is also managed to form optimal turkey habitat. Good plots are planted, and river bottom crops are grown, keeping the Toms fat and happy.

And the guides are world class.

If you can’t tell how passionate these guys are about hunting from my words, listen to Hickory Creek’s owner, Jeff Brondige.

“If you get the chance to come down and sample what Hickory Creek has to offer, I bet it will leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to have satisfied hunters that come back every season to rekindle friendships and share good times!”

The proof is in the pudding.

Upland Inn Hunts

Our friends at Upland Inn Hunts know how to treat a hunter. If you’re a guest in their lodge, chasing after a Rio Grande Turkey, here’s a little of what you can expect.

The main lodge, built in 2015, is over 5,000 square feet of luxury. It has 8 bedrooms with pillow top mattresses, 5 bathrooms, a pool table, poker table, darts, and a bar. And the meals are spectacular. They’re known for their big steaks, homemade rolls, and fresh baked pies.

Upland Inn would be a great place to stay for a weekend, even if the hunting wasn’t that good.

But the hunting is that good.

I talked to my friend Jason Johnson today about how good their turkey hunting is and he simply said “we’re fully booked, every year.” In my mind, that speaks for itself.

Upland Inn’s Rio Grande Turkey hunting trips are on 12,000 acres of pristine turkey hunting land. The property is managed by controlled burns, strip disking, inter-seeding, and other state of the art wildlife habitat management techniques. Inside the 12,000 acres of property is 21 CRP fields ranging from 80 to 320 acres in size.

It is the perfect habitat for pheasant, quail, whitetail deer, and of course, Rio Grande Turkey.

Joshua Creek

Joshua Creek is a world-renowned luxury hunting lodge located in Boerne Texas.

The massive and beautiful property is known both for having some of the best wing shooting in the United States, earning it awards every year from Orvis and Beretta, and for having 5-start accommodations, amenities, and dining.

But, you can enjoy all the luxury Joshua Creek has to offer during turkey season, as well.

In managing Joshua Creek for pristine pheasant and quail habitat, they inadvertently created a Rio Grand turkey hunting sanctuary. So, alongside their world famous wing shooting, Joshua Creek offers Rio Grande Turkey Hunting trips during the spring season.

Hunters from all over the world come to Joshua Creek every spring to enjoy this world-class Rio Grande Turkey hunting.

White Horse Creek

15,000 acres of private Norwest Oklahoma land full of monster whitetail and Rio Grande Turkeys- it almost sounds too good to be true. But that’s White Horse Creek for you.

White Horse Creek is one of the top Rio Grande Turkey Hunting trip destinations in the world. So, year after year, hunters from all over flock in and experience their amazing 100% success rate. With that, there’s little else to say.

Rackett Hunting Club

The Rackett Grange and Hunting preserve is located in the Sandhill Mountains of Western Nebraska near the town of Lewellen. In this unique and beautiful area of the country, both Merriam and Rio Grande Turkeys thrive. This provides the opportunity to harvest birds of both species, as well as the hybrid bird known as the Sandhill Turkey.

The 27,000-acre property is some of the best hunting land in the country, especially for Rio Grande Turkey hunting. Rackett is bordered on one side by Clear Creek State Waterfowl refuge, and on the other by billionaire Ted Turner’s 85,000-acre Blue Creek Ranch. All of this combines to form a wildlife paradise that produces so many Rio Grande and Merriam’s Turkeys that the National Wild Turkey Federation is going there to hunt in the spring.

Rio Grande Turkey hunting trips can be combined with pheasant hunts on the property, which has been in the same family for 4 generations. And, one of their head Rio Grande Turkey Hunting guides, Billy Krueger, will even film your hunts for you.

During your hunt, you’ll stay in either the beautiful main lodge or one of the eclectic private cabins. Either way, you’ll have access to delicious home cooked meals and a fully stocked bar. You can even spend sober hours on the sporting clays course. Not a bad way to wind down after chasing Rio Grande Turkeys all day!
Top 5 Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Guides

If you’re looking to go on a Rio Grande Turkey hunting trip, then call up one of these guides. You’ll be sure to knockdown a longbeard, enjoy beautiful scenery, and spend time with people who live and breathe turkey hunting. What else can an outdoorsman ask for?

If you get the chance to go out with one of these Rio Grande Turkey hunting guides, let us know! We love to see our clients have success in the flied. And if you enjoyed this article, let us known in the comments and share it with your turkey hunting buds.