Washington is home to a number of the most formidable sportfish in the United States with salmon being at the top of the list for many anglers. The King Salmon, also known as the Chinook, is the ultimate sportfish for the Northwest region. They typically weigh 30 pounds, and can grow to nearly 60 inches in length.

Washington is also home to the coho salmon, but anglers consider the chinook to be the biggest prize among the area’s game fish. Spring is prime time for salmon as they begin their runs up the rivers to spawn.

Washington has a few locations that are well known among anglers worldwide. Puget Sound and the Columbia River are synonymous with trophy salmon, as well as steelhead and other types of game fish.

For anyone looking to get a piece of the action and cross off this famous game fish from their bucket list, it can be daunting to choose between the dozens of salmon fishing trips in the area. Heading to the northwest corner of the United States will put you in prime locations for the best salmon fishing trips in the world, but it is still tough to navigate between the great guides and the ones that are part-timers.

We’ve compiled this list of the top salmon fishing guides in Washington to help anyone looking for the absolute best salmon fishing trips available. While most of our guides on this list may not offer a place to stay, they are, hands down, the best when it comes to salmon fishing trips in the Evergreen State.

Westside Guide Service

“As spring rounds the corner, and the leaves on the trees start showing, so do the salmon,” says Larry Scott, owner of Westside Guide Service.

Larry has been a guide for salmon fishing trips for more than 40 years in the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest rivers. The area is world renown for its salmon fishing trips and Westside Guide Service is at the top of the list when it comes to the best guides around.

“We work hard at every part of providing people with the best trip we can,” says Larry. “We focus on providing whatever our client needs and making sure they have a great experience. helps to provide whatever your client is looking for.”

Larry still fishes with some of the guides that he started his business with over four decades ago. There’s plenty of fishing knowledge to go around with this crew and it’s easy to see why we have Westside Guide Service among our list of the top salmon fishing trips in Washington.

Columbia River Fishing Guide
Christian Witt

The salmon runs in the Columbia River are unlike anything else in Washington. Christian Witt, owner of Columbia River Fishing Guide, has been putting his clients on giant salmon in the Columbia for 30 years.

“We have some great salmon runs here,” says Christian. “Salmon fishing is some of the most intense fishing you can do and we get to enjoy that for about nine months out of the year.”

Christian says he offers steelhead, coho, and sturgeon fishing, but there is nothing quite like the salmon fishing trips.

“We help people who’ve never been salmon fishing before and also take out people who have been salmon fishing all their lives,” says Christian. “King salmon is a whole different breed of fish.”

This guide is great for any kind of fishing in the Washington area, but Columbia River offers some of the best salmon fishing trips you’ll find.

Puget Sound Sport Fishing
Murphy Pierson

Just a short drive from Seattle is the legendary Puget Sound, which is one of the best locations in the world for salmon fishing trips. Murphy Pierson has been guiding salmon fishing trips in Puget Sound since 1984 and his guide service, Puget Sound Sport Fishing is among the best of the best.

“Being so close to Seattle, we get a variety of people who want to come fish with us and they always leave happy,” says Murphy. “Salmon fishing is amazing here during the spring.”

Puget Sound Sport Fishing provides everything you need for your salmon fishing trips. A fishing experience in Puget Sound is truly unforgettable and should be on every angler’s bucket list.

Waters West Guide Service

Jessica and Casey Weigel love what they do, and it’s easy to see why. As the owners of Waters West Guide Service, the couple specializes in bringing their clients on salmon fishing trips in Oregon and Washington.

“We have lots of king salmon in our waterways,” says Jessica. “If you are looking for a top fishing guide who is familiar with Washington’s popular fisheries then look no further.”

In addition to offering some of the best salmon fishing trips around, Waters West also offers lodging in a cabin situated along the Wynoochee River for clients who want the full outdoor experience.

Big King Salmon Charters

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the top salmon fishing trips in Washington is Big King Salmon Charters. Chris Hoag, owner of Big King Salmon Charters, says his guide service does it all from coho, kinks, and kings as well as bottom fishing.

“We go where the fish are at and the fish are in different places different times of the year,” says Chris. “We are in the best location here in Puget Sound and we are known for being one of the best trolling boats in this area. Trolling is, by far, the best way to catch salmon in Puget Sound.

Big King Salmon has been in business since 1988 and is one of the most well known guides in Puget Sound. All tackle and gear is provided for clients and this is one of the best salmon fishing trips in Washington that you definitely can’t miss.