As an outdoor enthusiast, you are aware of several outdoor tools that come handy when you are out there hunting, camping or fishing. Some of these tools include the right clothing, a flashlight, a compass and a rope. But, when it comes to the list of do-without outdoor tools, a knife is one tool that can’t be missing out in the list. Keep reading to learn why.

You can survive in the woods with just a knife because of its multipurpose and essential uses. Still considering why a good knife is a must-have tool for survival in the wilderness?

#1: You Need a Knife to Build a Shelter

While out in the woods, you need a knife to cut tree branches and stems for constructing a shelter. No other tool can help you gather the materials you need for shelter from the elements while out there in the woods. After you have gathered the stems and leaves, you need a knife to cut them to desired sizes for the shelter you want to construct.

#2: A Knife Helps Split Firewood and Make Fire

If you are camping out, hunting, fishing or embarking on other outdoor activities, you need fire to stay warm, especially during winter. That’s not all, you also need fire to roast your game in the woods or prepare small meals. A good camping knife is the best tool for gathering the firewood for the fire.

A fire can also help light up your spot when your flashlight batteries are dead. And, if you are lost in the woods, making a fire can help others find you as they trace where the flame is coming from. All these are possible if you have a good knife to cut firewood that would help you make fire.

Your camping knife will also come handy in collecting larger logs of wood for fuel. Make sure you gather enough fuel that can last for the duration you want to spend outdoors. Use your knife to cut and gather dry woods. Then, stack them close to where you are camping or where you will be starting the fire. You should target maple, oak or other hardwoods since these will burn longer. Also, a knife will be a great companion when it comes to gathering dry tree stumps for fuel while in the woods.

#3: Use Knife to Gather Food in Emergency Situation

Things can unexpectedly get out of hands while out in the woods. One of such unforeseen circumstances is getting stranded, getting lost, or experiencing other situations that can extend your stay in the woods. At such times, you may run out of food supplies.

In such situations, you need to survive. The best you can do to get food and survive while in the woods is to forage and hunt. You need a good outdoor knife to dig for edible roots, clear the bush to find edible mushrooms, and also cut through edible plants. A good camping knife is also a great tool for cutting roasted games into edible sizes.

#4: Clearing the Campsite

When you arrive at your camping spot in the woods, you need to make the environment conducive and habitable. You cannot do so without a good knife that will help you clear the vegetation and cut unwanted plants around your camp site. A camping knife is the only tool that can perfectly do the job and ensure your camp arena is clean and spacious.

#5: Self Defense

A camping knife is also a great self defense tool while you are in a remote area. The possibility of straying farther into the woods or unknown locations is not rare. You may encounter aggressive animals in such situation, or even aggressive humans.

If you have a good knife in such situations, you have nothing to worry about. This is because your knife will serve as a good self-defense and protection tool. Indeed, a knife is an easy EDC to carry along when you head outdoors.

#6: A Knife can Serve as a First Aid Tool

Nobody prays for accidents to happen while in the wilderness. But, you have to prepare for such incidents in case they happen. Being able to administer first aid as soon as possible when you or the persons with you sustain injury in the woods is critical for survival. In the case of a broken limb, a knife can come handy and help you cut wood for splinting the limb.

A knife will also be helpful in quickly cutting out a piece from a fabric. Subsequently, you can reduce bleeding by tying the piece of fabric around the wound. You can also use a knife to cut bandages and medical tape for first aid purposes.

#7: Constructing Other Tools

While outdoors, a sturdy and good knife is a very helpful tool for constructing other survival tools. For instance, you can use a knife to construct a spear for fishing or hunting. You can also engage your camping knife to construct snares and traps for games.

Most activities you need to embark on while out in the woods or outdoors require the help of a good outdoor knife. Indeed, a knife has tons of uses outdoors, which shows that no outdoor enthusiasts should head out without a good and sturdy knife.

With a really good and sturdy camping knife and just a bit of creativity, you can accomplish tons of tasks faster and easier while you are outdoors.