Hog Hunting Trips – The Complete Guide

With the sport of hog hunting virtually exploding in popularity in recent years, there’s more people than ever wanting to know more about it.  To help with this endeavor, we have compiled onto one place everything you could want to learn about hog hunting. Whether you’re a first timer still looking to take your first hog hunting trip or your a veteran hog hunting guide looking to improve their customer’s experience, we at The Outdoor Trip hope you find this guide helpful.

Hog Hunting Guides

Top Nighttime Hog Hunting Videos

Hog hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world as many hunters are starting to see the many different benefits to harvesting wild hogs. For most serious big game hunters, there tends to be a period each year after whitetail deer season and before turkey season when they are more or [...]

5 Tips on Planning Your Next Helicopter Hog Hunting Trip

*Photo courtesy of Cedar Ridge Aviation. Check them out! Proper planning is one of the most important parts to making sure your hunting trip is a success. Many hunters spend hours meticulously planning their trip many months in advance to ensure that they account for every part of the hunt. Helicopter hog hunting might seem […]

Affordable Hog Hunting Trips in Texas

Texas is the land of opportunity for hog hunting trips, but hunters may find it tough to find a guide for an affordable price. The state is virtually overrun with wild hogs and there are hundreds of guides offering Texas hog hunting trips throughout the state. Some scientists estimate there to be at least 2 […]

Top Hog and Turkey Hunting Combo Trips

Spring is a magical time of year for outdoor lovers. Trees are blooming and the woods and waterways are coming to life with plenty of wildlife. For hunters, Spring is usually marked by one day that is celebrated by many hunters throughout the United States—the opening day of turkey season. Turkey hunting is one of [...]

Top 5 Night Time Hog Hunts in Texas

Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in Texas and there’s no time like night time for these game animals. Hogs are quite unlike any other wild game animal in North America and there are specific advantages to night hunts as opposed to the usual daytime route. Some hog hunting […]

5 Things to Know About Helicopter Hog Hunting

Helicopter hog hunting is quickly becoming a major attraction in Texas with other states eyeing its approval in an effort to control the bustling wild hog population. Wildlife experts estimate that there are upwards of 2 million hogs in Texas alone. According to recent scientific studies, at least 70-80 percent of the hog population must […]

Top Helicopter Hog Hunting Videos

Feral hogs in the United States are wreaking havoc on the native landscape and animal species. As their numbers grow to epidemic proportions in many parts of the southeast and Texas, they leave a swath of damage in their wake that is unlike any other left by an invasive species. Traditional hunting has done little […]

Best Hog Hunting Guns Available Today

Hog hunting is considered by many to be one of the best forms of big game hunting available in the United States for a number of reasons. For one, many parts of the country place almost no restriction on hunting wild hogs as these invasive species are ransacking much of the southern portion of the […]

Cheap Hog Hunts You Can’t Miss

Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of the most popular game animal species in the country—especially for those who still have big game hunting on their minds after deer season is over. There are many positive advantages related to hog hunting, including the fact that wild boar can be found in almost every part of […]

Wild Hog Recipes – 3 Popular Ways To Cook Wild Boar

Wild hogs are becoming one of the biggest ecological threats to North America. From California to Florida and every state in between, this invasive species is destroying crops, ruining land, and putting farmers out of business. At this point, the only thing standing in the way of a complete swine takeover is the American Hunter. […]

4 Ways to Hunt Hogs in Texas

As hogs continue to invade our lands and destroy our crops, hunters continue to provide the force of our resistance. While the necessity of stopping the infestation weighs on landowner’s consciences’, hog hunters have found joy in their newly found prey. And there’s nowhere in our country better to hunt hogs than the Lone Star […]

Hog Hunting Tips For Beginners

Wild hogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular game animals in the United States. Occupying more than half the states in America, feral hogs are doing increasing amounts of damaged when left unchecked. For this reason, many states have lifted almost every restriction on hog hunting in an effort to help curb their […]

5 Reasons Texas is the Hog Hunting Capital of the World

The Lone Star State is different than anywhere else in America for many different reasons. Folks from Texas take great pride in the fact that the state differs from others in the country and its unique nature is what gives Texas its own personality among other parts of the United States. Hog hunting is no […]

Top Helicopter Hog Hunting Guides in Texas

Texas is a virtual mecca for hog hunting as the state is one of the most densely-populated with wild boar while also having very little restriction on hunting methods. Helicopter hog hunting in Texas was legalized in recent years and hog control efforts have since shifted upward in the Lone Star State. The move was […]

How Hog Hunting Guides Can Improve Their Service

As feral hogs continue to stake their claim to much of southern portion of the United States, there is great opportunity for a skilled hunter to offer their services as a hog hunting guide. In many states throughout the country, there are few limitations regarding hog hunting and it is quickly becoming one of the […]

Top Hog Hunting Guides in Alabama

One of the most popular big game animals in Alabama is also one of the state’s most notorious invasive species. Feral hog hunting is encouraged by the state of Alabama in an effort to control the spread of the species throughout much of the rural farmlands in the state’s southern half. With a warm, wet […]

Top 5 Hog Hunting Guides in Georgia

The Peach State is among the best of the best for wild boar hunting. While hog hunters consider Georgia to feature prime habitat and seemingly endless numbers of pigs, farmers view the feral hog invasion of the state as nothing more than absolute devastation. An economic study recently concluded that feral hogs account for at […]

Top Guided Hog Hunts in Texas

There is little debate among hog hunters that Texas is the mecca of wild boar hunting and offers some of the best guided hog hunts in the world. With wildlife biologists estimating that the hog population in Texas could be upwards of 2 million, the invasive species has caused immense headaches for farmers all across […]

Booking a Hog Hunting Trip – Tips for Success

Hog hunting is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite big game animals. With the spread of feral hogs all over the United States, the numbers of these animals is increasing each year with no signs of slowing. Hunters can target hogs day or night in many states and can hunt in almost every landscape America […]

Biggest Wild Hogs Ever Killed

Wild boar can be found across most of the southern United States, California and Hawaii. The average adult hog weighs between 100 and 200 pounds, but it is not uncommon for some to grow to more than 400 pounds. There are rare cases, even legends, of hogs as big as half a ton roaming the […]

Book Your Hog Hunting Trip With These Fine Guides

Georgia Wild Hog Hunts

In order to book a Hunt with us, we require a 50% deposit to hold you or your parties Reservation for our services. You can call us at 478.256.3448 if you wish to use your credit card and do not feel secure doing it over the internet. Hunting Package Rates for 2018/2019 Package 1-Twiggs County […]

Georgia Hog Hunting

Location: Middle Georgia Approximately 2.5 hours south of Atlanta, GA Description Approximately 5,500 acres of trophy managed property with mixed farm/timberland with numerous creeks and drainages. Annual crops include peanuts, corn, soy beans and cotton. We also provide year round supplemental feeding, minerals and food plots. Method of Hunting Stand hunting / primarily evening and […]

Southern Hog Control

We offer a two-night hog hunt. We supply all the rifles, thermals, ammo, and unlimited hogs and have no trophy fees. Transportation is provided from the lodge to the areas that we will be hunting. We can do single night hunts, Monday- Thursday night. Friday and Saturday are reserved for two-night hunts. All of our […]

DarkThirty Hog Control

Welcome to the Farmland Security, LLC. – Dark Thirty Online Store, where you can purchase our Guided Hog Hunts and other items. We appreciate your business and encourage you to browse our store as well as the rest of our website. Please read our Hunting Policies below: *All weapons, ammunition, night vision, and thermal optics […]

4 Amigos Hog Hunting

Wild Hog hunting at 4 Amigos Ranch is a very exciting and affordable hunting adventure for you and your friends. Wild Hogs have taken over in the state of Texas, reaching numbers as high as 4 million in the whole state! We are overrun with Wild Hogs and offer a great opportunity for you to […]

Boar Creek Ranch Hog Hunting

BOOKING FEES HuntersA $200.00 deposit per hunter is required in advance. Your hunt date will be held for 10 days to allow the booking fee to be received. The booking fee is applied to your hunt. Although the deposit is non-refundable, it may be applied to a replacement hunter. The deposit can be paid with […]

Dos Plumas Hog Hunting (Rifle)

$225 daily (2 Day Minimum) NO Trophy Fees! 2 days hunting / 2 nights lodging / 2 wild hogs Additional days may be added for $225 daily and includes 1 day hunting / 1 nights lodging/1 hog ANY size Extra hogs available for $150 eac Optional extra nights lodging available at $35 person Does not […]

Dos Plumas Hog Hunting (Bow)

$225 Daily (2 Day Minimum) NO Trophy Fees! 2 days hunting / 2 nights lodging / 2 wild hogs Additional days may be added for $225 daily and includes 1 day hunting / 1 nights lodging / 1 hog ANY size Extra hogs available for $150 each Optional extra nights lodging available at $35 person […]

Dos Plumas Trophy Hog Hunting

Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch has listened to our customers’ requests for a trophy hog pasture. We simply didn’t want to turn down any more of the requests from hunters who really wanted to secure a trophy hog for the wall. In order to make this vision into a reality, we have been working hard over […]

Independence Ranch Hog Hunting

This hunt runs from 9am-5pm or 3pm-10pm daily and ends upon a successful harvest or either 5 pm or 10 pm depending on when you started. These hunts are available daily, and the “Ranch Calendar of Available Dates” does not apply to day hunts. Please call for availability before purchasing your day hunt. Texas is […]

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